Let’s Not Demonize the Vaccinated

Many of us have spousesand family members 
who buy into the pandemic hoax. 
They have been vaccinated. How do we relate to them?

by Henry Makow PhD

My wife is a libtard. She got vaccinated without telling me, jeopardizing her health and mine. 

She wears a mask when we walk outdoors. As though a covid germ will fly up her nose. 

She has been gas lit by the media and sends me links. 

One compared vaccine hesitant people to folks who resisted seat belts in the 1980’s. 

She is not interested in watching people talk about their adverse reactions. 

“Why would I watch a video about people having car accidents?” she said. “Adverse reactions are one in a million.”

Because people aren’t being forced to drive cars? But I don’t bother arguing with her. 

I explain what is really happening on my web site. But neither she nor any members of my family are interested. 

I suspect that at some subliminal level, they know the truth is not good for the Jews. 

(By sponsoring antisemitism, the Jewish leadership has ensured that ordinary Jews become their human shields. “Anti Semites” have made resistance to satanist tyranny look like bigotry.)  

My family is proof of Mark Twain’s dictim that it is easier to deceive someone than convince them they’ve been fooled. 

My wife is not a stupid woman but my politics are anathema to her. 

So how do we continue to have a decent marriage? By not talking about covid of course. 

Quite simply, we have agreed that, instead of arguing, we’ll let time reveal the truth.
If covid is not gone by January 2022, I’m right. 

If it is, she’s right. (She’s already hinting at an extension.)
I did not marry her for her political smarts. Why ruin a good marriage just because “one of us” (she thinks it’s me) has been duped?



“How can you love someone who has such different politics?” she once asked me. 

“Because that’s not who you are,” I replied. “I love your soul, not your mind.”

If you love someone who is lost, you stick with them. (Also, she loves me, a task only my mother could accomplish!) 

I humbly offer my marriage as an example of how to treat the vaccinated. 

We will never reach them intellectually — through the head. 

But we can reach them through the heart, spiritually. “I love your soul.”

I say to the vaccinated, you were under excruciating pressure. I don’t blame you for trusting the government and media. You were duped.
I want to be wrong. I don’t want any harm to come to you. I will get no pleasure in saying, “I told you so.”
I have never so wanted to be wrong in my life. It would mean a return to “normal.”
Even though some of you talk about quarantining us, or worse, I say: I love you. I don’t want any harm to come to you. 

Ever since the covid crisis began in March 2020, my work has been dedicated to sounding the alarm. 

We all belong to the same human family. We are brothers and sisters. 

God has a purpose for us. 

We are One.


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