Sellers trying to force me to wear mask to view home I’m trying to buy.

I’m scheduled to go look at a house at 1:00 today to buy it, 13 acres, two rental units, two wells, 1,800 sq foot main home. $225,000.

So, I just get a text, from the realtor.

“Hey Ryan, just wanted to let you know that the sellers are requesting that we wear masks when we view the home today. When we look at the rest of the property we don’t need too, see you then!”

To which I responded:

“Not going to wear masks.

They have been lied to by the media, and I’m blocked for life on Twitter and Facebook fir telling the truth. I have my own website. Pretty sure they don’t want to do serious research to figure out this is a hoax, but I refuse to go along with the propaganda.

FYI, I’ve been arrested in three states for not wearing a mask.

If that means I don’t look at the house, so be it. I’m willing to die resisting this unscrupulous hoax, and I’m not trying to please anyone’s misinformed feelings.

But, if they insist I wear a mask, I’ll do an article on them on my website, and they will get all kinds of negative publicity.”

We will see what happens, I’m leaving to drive down now.


Realtor responded with this:

“Sorry, but the sellers can control the showings on their home. We will have to look elsewhere then”

To which I responded:

“That’s fine. Plenty of other property. Tens of millions of brainwashed drones, and I’m not playing along.

Right makes might. They are deluded, and 100 years from now people will wonder at how stupid people were to believe in this stupidity.

They don’t realize that all information and money are controlled by the owners of the Federal Reserve. They have lots of company.

I’ll let people call you to express their displeasure, and you can pass that on to the sellers.”

Now, we are in an information war, and have been trained to conform, and be nice, and don’t offend anyone, while the lying snakes who control the media lie and offend us all every day.

In warfare, the best strategy is “divide and conquer”. These sellers and their real estate agent, think they can lay down tyrannical rules, forcing others to wear masks, when there is zero legitimate science showing this works to prevent people from getting coronavirus, matter of fact, there isn’t even any science showing coronavirus is contagious!

So, the bankers get their way by paying their negus to whip up mobs to enforce their will. The way to respond is not with mobs, bit to use focused intelligence to put pressure on those who are deluded to re examine their beliefs.

Many of us would like to live and let live, but that’s not possible. The gullibility of tens millions is threatening to force tens of millions of us wear masks and get vaccines, and it’s time for civil disobedience. Firmly, politely, courteously, refuse to cooperate, and persevere to let those who do go along with this see that many disagree.

So, when any of us is forced to wear a mask, or threatened if we don’t get a vaccine, “It’s one for all and all for one”. When they threaten us with guns if we don’t cooperate, then force can be resorted to, but until then, protesting firmly, and publicly is a good tactic.

If any of you are forced to wear masks, or to get a vaccine, please let me know, I’ll do an article, and we can have hundreds of people make calls on your behalf. If possible, we can even physically show up and protest in front of homes and businesses.

In the meantime, the realtor for this property is Davis Donnan, the property link is here,, and his number is (701) 590-9131. Please call him and firmly let him know that you think it’s unfair to require anyone to wear a mask. Please avoid profanity, threats of violence, and stick to facts. This is a hoax. Just as a child is punished when they lie, it’s necessary to correct adults who believe in lies and who try to force others to go along with their lies. If these people want to wear masks and go along with fairy tales, that is their business, but they don’t, their tyrant overlords, the invisible government who rules from the shadows and who control the media, schools, and tech companies, have convinced tens of millions to try to coerce tens of millions of us who know the truth to go along with their myths, and so they gaslight us, trying to use finances, jobs, careers, money, etc, to intimidate us into cooperating. Well, I for one, will never cooperate!

Thank you to those who take 5 minutes to call Mr. Donnan, at (701) 590-9131. In wars, the lazy side never wins. It’s those who do the work, who will be victors when the smoke settles. Case in point, in Julius Caesars masterful book detailing his campaigns in Gaul (modern day France) “Di Bello Galli”, he details how the Divide and Conquer strategy worked. Caesar was never beaten in battle, along with Alexander the Great. Caesar wrote the book as he was traveling on horse, journeying to various battles, dictating to a scribe. The work that Caesars troops did, digging ditches that went on for miles, in a very short amount of time, will always live in the annals of history. Will history remember your actions against tyranny?