Shipping Blocked to Create Weimar-Style Inflation


(Ships waiting to unload outside Long Beach, CA) 

A man who claims to have contacts in the shipping industry 
says the delays are deliberately contrived.
“This is going to make the Weimar Republic look 
like a fuckin paradise. 
Buckle up and good luck to you and yours.”
Makow – When will the sheeple realize the shepherds are working for the wolves?

Comments say the reason for the blockages in the US as well as in Italy is the vaccine mandates. Longshoremen are refusing to take them. In other words, the vaccine mandate is just a ploy to destroy society. 

Reddit Conspiracy

The build up of cargo ships outside of our ports is done on purpose. Do not believe the lies you’re being told about lack of workers to unload the ships. Or whatever other narratives pushed by the MSM.
I used to be a longshoreman, I know many people who still work in the industry and I know guys who are in upper management personally. I grew up with them and went to school with them. My states ports are purposesly being shut down(I will not reveal my state, im not about to dox myself). I spoke with the site foreman at our coast, who I’ve known for 20 years and he’s told me that there is absolutely zero reason for our ships to be sitting outside of port. The slats are empty and they have more than enough hands to unload them. He also said the ships are being TOLD to stay out of port, when they try to communicate with the ships they’re often given short abrupt answers or claims of ignorance to why they’re not allowed to dock.

This is being done by design, we’re being choked out to create artificial inflation. With the incoming inflation we’re already seeing, a massive surplus in money supply, all time highs in every market sector along with massive employment walk offs and land supply lines becoming compromised, we’re in for a lot of trouble. The cargo ships are meant to be the nail on the coffin. The massive money printing, combined with the market and the major incoming DEMAND for SUPPLY is going to cause inflation the likes of which has never been seen. This is going to make the Weimar Republic look like a fuckin paradise. Buckle up and good luck to you and yours.
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