Biden to use force to crush opposition to masks and vaccines at city council and school board meetings.

For those who have not yet gone to school boards and city Council meetings, it is time to start. Once they stop people from speaking out at school boards and city Council meetings, they have effectively ended the First Amendment. After the First Amendment, is the Second Amendment, so that when a tyrannical government takes away your right to speak, you have guns to make sure you still have the right to speak.

To further complicate things, we are running out of food. This is not an accident. This was completely planned, and this has happened before. The bankers deliberately take control of the food supply, and make sure there are issues, so that the people do not have food, and the people will rise up, then the bankers step in with their new rules and pretend like they care for people and will save them.

And, as if Biden attacking our First Amendment rights, they are trying to force vaccine and mask mandates down our throat’s, and a food shortage is not enough, the bankers have another strategy. They are pushing race tensions.

Have you ever heard the name Jesse Dirkhising? What about Channon Christian and Chris Newsom? Who are they and why have you not heard their names likely? Jesse Dirkhising was a 13-year-old boy who was brutally abused and murdered by two men. Channon Christian and Chris Newsom were a young couple who were brutally raped, abused, and murdered by five assailants. The media did not widely report on this because Jesse Dirkhising was murdered by two homosexual men (details here, and here, and Channon Christian and Chriss Newsom were murdered by five black people (details here). The media only cares if one of its victim groups are injured or killed. Other than that, they completely do not care.

I thought my whole entire family was aware of this habit of the media of lying and trying to divide by race, but apparently not. When a friend of the family was recently killed, who happened to be black, in an altercation in a bar over a girl, and was shot by the girls boyfriend, it seems there is a lot to be determined before a judgment is reached. However, the irresponsible media, and Democrat politicians are out screaming that Oregon is racist, and unfortunately, grieving family members of the deceased Barry Washington, and even some of my own family members are badly deceived by this.

It is time for Americans of all genders and races to unite against the real enemy, the Talmudic Jewish Bankers who control all of the worlds money and all of the worlds information.