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Guest Post by Hardscrabble Farmer

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Situation Report

Guest Post by Hardscrabble Farmer

I don’t get out that often. Farming requires a constant set of eyeballs on the herds and flocks as well as a fair degree of labor regardless of the season. Throughout the past year and half as the rest of the world seemed to have descended into a collective psychosis over an annual flu bug I watched from a comfortable distance, not only in the physical sense, but psychologically as well. I began to pay attention to the developing narrative very early in January of 2020 when most people were going about their lives blithely unaware of the developing storm clouds building on the horizon.

I am not combative by nature, but generally affable and easygoing with others. As the early adopters of the masks began their paranoid devotions, I simply kept my distance and went about my business without comment. I firmly believe in the right of self-determination and that everyone has the ability to make decisions for themselves without being compelled by threats of force or other more pernicious forms of coercion. When the first mandates went into effect, I disregarded them as illogical and irrational and continued to go about my life as I had previously.

I’m not sure why no one ever bothered me, but it probably had something to do with the fact that I know where I am going and what I am doing and give off vibe of someone on a mission. The children always enjoyed going shopping with me rather than my wife because when I enter a store, I select what I came for and exit promptly. The socializing, the aimless drifting from one aisle to the next has never held any fascination for me and I move about around the rest of the shoppers like a border collie amongst the herds.

Occasionally someone at the entrance of the store would hold out a disposable mask in my direction and I would always politely decline with a smile and continue about my business without any further trouble. This continued for the duration of the ridiculous and unlawful mandates until people were once again granted permission to do what they had been doing without permission since the dawn of mankind.

Having worked daily with herd animals I have learned a great deal about group dynamics and the behavior of animals in large numbers. I wrote about these phenomenon for years before the Year of the Plague came around and when I saw it in action with my own species, I found it equally compelling to observe.

Charles Mackay, in his seminal work Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, wrote the following-

“Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.”

Even the most ardent believer in the cult of Covid would be hard-pressed to find disagreement with that observation. In fact those who seem to be the trend setters in this quasi-religious movement seem to have counted upon it as they moved those herds about from one end of the societal plane to the other. The contradictory nature of what many refer to as the settled science was obvious to anyone paying attention and appeared to be crucial in maintaining the perpetual state of cognitive dissonance required to implement the plans of those in positions of power.

I should state, for the purpose of clarity, that I do not accept any of the official explanations for the mandates and enforced behaviors that appeared in the wake of this seasonal flu outbreak, because the end results clearly indicate another agenda far removed from public safety or the health of the population. The destruction of small businesses while large corporations remained open, the suspension of rent payments to landlords, the closing of venues where people gather normally to interface and engage socially, the covering of faces that prevent the recognition of individuality are- to my eyes- deliberate tactics designed to break the spirit of the people and to destroy the middle class economically while forcing vast swaths of the population into dependence upon the state and thus make them easier to control.

The very idea that we are now going to defeat an entire class of life form that has existed far longer than human beings is so ridiculous on its face it could only have been sold to a people completely ignorant of the functions of the natural world. Viruses, like any other opportunistic pathogen, serve a vital purpose and their eradication is not only ridiculous to contemplate, but an impossibility. Contrary to everything we have ever known about health and vitality, we are being sold experimental genetic therapies that have untold implications and manifold opportunities for unintended consequences for those foolish enough to submit to them.

The single most effective means to avoid the negative impact of any disease or infection is and has always been a superior constitution; good health, physical fitness, solid genetics, a nourishing diet, sound sleep and a positive outlook. The only things that those in power have failed to address at all during the entire duration of this global terror operation are those points. Health and fitness businesses were hounded into bankruptcy while a perpetual state of anxiety was instilled 24/7 by both the media and political establishment. Rather than calling for calm, fear became the perpetual and unrelenting message broadcast around the clock; millions would die, hospitals would be overwhelmed, the elderly were being murdered by those who refused to submit to wearing bandanas on their face.

The sheer insanity of these baseless claims overrode the rational mind and observable reality of what was actually occuring. The behavior of those in positions of power clearly demonstrated that they did not believe their own lies as they were frequently caught flouting their ad hoc directives and unprincipled demands. How so many were able to reconcile the glaring contradicitons of Governors laughing it up with unmasked associates in high priced restaurants and their dire press conferences demanding that everyone remain locked up in self imposed confinement is unfathomable to me, and yet it became the norm.

Man had, as Mackay observed, gone mad in herds.

In my line of work the only metric that has any value is how things turn out. The hens lay eggs or they do not. The maple sap flows plentifully or we make no syrup. It rains, or there is a drought. We calve successfully and increase the herd or the cows go to slaughter and new blood is brought in. There isn’t a lot of room for experimental technologies and media relations. We don’t try and convince people that what we do is crucial for the environment, or that the meats and pickles, syrups and vinegar we produce are delicious, we trust that they can decide these things for themselves just by visiting the farm to take a look around or by eating what we produce.

Our herds don’t get sick, not because we use prophylaxis, but because we make sure that they live and eat as they were designed by nature to do and because we breed for superior genetics. The idea that simple expose to pathogens leads to certain illness is simply not true. I am likely exposed to more forms of bacteria, parasites, molds and germs than the entire staff of the CDC just be going about my daily chores and yet at my age I never get sick, no colds, no flu, no infections and no allergies.

My greatest fear isn’t some microscopic virus that exists in virtually every centimeter of airspace on Earth, but a bad fall on the ice some winter morning, yet I do not live in fear of that possibility either. I’ve suffered virtually every type of accident imaginable, some of which have nearly killed me, yet I wake up each morning with nothing but excitement for what the day will bring because that’s the joy of life.

“On a long enough timeline the survival rate is zero.” Chuck Palahniuk

I pay scant attention to the daily scare tactics, the evolving fear mongering of a threadbare myth that somehow all of humanity will spared from death no matter how much we weigh or how old and frail we become if only every healthy person just bows down and accepts an experimental vaccines and continues to wear a face covering and keep away from everyone else, forever. The sheer absurdity of it is as clear as the morning sky to anyone with even a shred of reason left between their ears. The end result of this endless miasma of mal-information and Hegalian dialectic is lost freedom, lower standards of living, increasing isolation, rising anxiety and perpetual submission to the gods of the copybook headings.

I understand now as I did back in the early days of this scam that it was designed to usher in a novus ordo seclorum, a time of complete top down control of the mass of mankind by a psychopathic elite so deeply unsettled in their own lives that only the destruction of others brings any kind of relief to their internal psychic torture. A casual glance at any of the key players shows clearly the reasons behind their virulent hatred of anything appearing normal and healthy. Their bizarre nervous tics, lopsided faces, unsettling voices and malformed bodies. The anger they feel towards the outside world transforms them from harmless nobodies into fearful tyrants with no governor on their disturbing machinations.

They lash out at the world like spoiled brats, without a care for the damage they bring into the lives of hundreds of millions of people simply trying to make their way through the world. No thought was ever given to the profound psychological and spiritual impact upon an entire generation of children who will never know what life was like without being driven into a frenzy of fear at the unseen world, of other people. No concern for the isolated and alienated locked away in their nursing homes, dying alone, untouched by human hands, or the legions of addicts and drunkards trying to blot out the hopelessness of a world bereft of normal human interactions.

These are but the collateral losses that come with astronomic profits raked in by the captains of the fear industry. They and the rest of their mandarins gather in obscene luxury at their palatial estates, completely unaffected by the propaganda they churn out like chum on the roiling waters of a collapsing social order. Their behavior is the dictionary definition of a sociopath and yet they manage to escape the judgment they so richly deserve because they have managed to control virtually every avenue of information in order to consolidate their grasp on power. This is not an aberration, it is the norm when the unfit and the unhealthy dominate the landscape and the results are always the same in every age and every place.

It looks, to the average American, as if there are no choices left to be made. Accept the endlessly morphing demands for obedience or face a howling darkness of social ostracism and economic ruin. None of this is true, of course, we always have choices to make. The Stoics lit a lamp for all of us long, long ago and remind us to this day that while you cannot change the actions of others, the weather or the political climate of your time, you can always decide how you will react to it yourself. We have far more power than most of us realize, but it only becomes apparent, like our muscles or immune system, when we exercise it.

“True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future, not to amuse ourselves with either hopes or fears but to rest satisfied with what we have, which is sufficient, for he that is so wants nothing. The greatest blessings of mankind are within us and within our reach. A wise man is content with his lot, whatever it may be, without wishing for what he has not.”Seneca

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