“Hospitals are Death Traps,” says Reader


(Steele, another anti vaxxer struck down by “covid”)

“They probably poisoned David —he went to the hospital 
and then they finished him off.”

by “Jennifer”(henrymakow.com)

I was sad to hear of Robert David Steele’s death : ((
It reminded me of when I recently went to the ER and they wanted to take all these pills and –I forgot to mention –the nurse said after you take the pills, then you must come to a hospital room, in the back, for 30 minutes to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction and then we will release you.

I got such a bad feeling about it –I felt they were going to do something to me in the back and then next thing I would be on a ventilator like Robert.

They would kill me for a statistic –another Covid death

Hospitals are death traps — They probably poisoned David –he went to the hospital and then they finished him off.

Please recommend to your readers to avoid hospitals at all costs.

They wanted me to take 3 different pills –I was in the waiting room because the hospital was supposedly full

The nurse  handed me the pills and a cup of water –and then she motioned me to come to a hospital room in the back –to be observed if I got sick from the pills

Wait –I said I want to look them up to see if I may be allergic and so she took them back — and said she would return

After I researched them –I decided not to take them –they don’t tell you anything about what they are giving you –its all buyer beware –no concern for anyone’s health.

After I said No she was angry –why ? What was it to her ?

Then I asked to get my discharge papers and she said no just go

It was like she was upset –she could not kill me and make her COVID Death Bonus !!!

I drove myself to the hospital.  I  refused the pills after I researched that they had terrible side effects –and I did not want to go into a “back hospital room” to be observed for 30 minutes to an hour to see if I had an allergic reaction. ( where they would ventilate me)   Also it was 3:30 AM in the morning –I did not want to wake up someone to come get me –and I was not allowed to call a taxi. I had to be released to someone as the pills would make me sleepy — probably were going to ruffy me and then ventilate me and collect their COVID death fees.

jennifer.jpgThe nurses felt like morticians –I had a very bad feeling — When I said I would not take the 3 pills –which quite frankly was over kill (pun intended)  
 I told the nurse I would wait and spoke to the doctor and said if my condition got worse, I could come back 

The Pills were to stop this strange rash/hive allergic reaction I got that suddenly came on and was raping covering my entire body –It started near my arm pit then spread quickly over my entire body –here are a few photos -then the rash began creeping up my neck  –I was a fraud it might choke me out

Finally, when I decided to just go home from the hospital –my friend advised I take a dash of baking soda with warm water –I did

 The next morning the whole rash/hives were gone!

The hives come back a few times and I just take a little baking soda and it works like magic.

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