Exposing drugs, and shopping American

In order to knock out the bankers businesses, Americans must stop using their companies. That means stop using drugs, porn, and shopping at Walmart, Target, Dollar Store, and every other business that manufactures in China. It also means we turn off the bankers propaganda. Turn off the radio, get rid of the newspaper, get rid of the Tell-Lie-Vision, do not watch Hollyweird or any movies at all, get rid of the newspaper, stop using Google and DuckDuckGo, do not go to the internet to learn about politics, religion, or history (Use books, the older, the better), do not send your children to college, and minimize your use of technology. Purchase items made in America, and share it with your neighbors. On that note, here is the biggest company that manufactures Jeans in America. Just ordered 2 pairs. At $50 a pair, it’s not bad at all. We need to use our buying power to build up America, and to tear down the corrupt bankers without any violence at all. Also, if anyone knows American companies that make items commonly used, please share. Soon, we can once again buy all our items from companies made in America, supporting our cities, states, and country.

American Made Jeans, Dungarees, Pants

A great book that exposes one of the richest businesses in the world. Drug trafficking. Human trafficking is right up there too.


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