Gary D. Barnett – Mass Murder by Vaccine


The stage is set, the plan is in place, and the people are still asleep. The realization that this state has declared war on the American people is unknown to most, and when the killing reaches high levels, the sheep will be told it is due to a mutated virus variant, and it is their fault for not being injected quickly enough with a poisonous ‘vaccine’ administered by this same criminal state. 

“We live in a society that fails to see what is right before their eyes, and intentionally hides from the truth.”

The Next Phase of This Fake Pandemic Will Be Premeditated Mass Murder by ‘Vaccine’

by Gary D. Barnett


Make no mistake about it; you are the enemy of the state in this war against mankind. This manufactured pandemic began with lies, and was perpetuated by mass propaganda; so much so as to cause extreme fear and panic out of thin air.

This is what real domestic terrorism looks like, and it is being executed by the United States government under the control of its masters in banking, finance, and corporate America; those at the top of the pyramid of power that make up the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, and all the major players in science, technology, the mainstream media, medicine, and the pharmaceutical industry. 

This long-planned plot to depopulate the earth and take total control over all of us could be considered ingenious but for the fact that it is pure evil.

What has been foretold and what is coming is what I would refer to as crisis management terrorism. There will be (and has already been) one fake crisis after another, all claimed to be so important and deadly as to cause the government to step in to control all aspects of human life through law, mandates, and lockdowns, with enforcement implemented at every level from the executive branch of federal government down to state and local health administrators. 


This will be in essence, a total and saturated form of enforcement with little if any ability of escape. This is by design of course, so that regardless of location or isolation, all will be subject to the propaganda and the long reach of peer pressure and tyranny.

The end game sought by these totalitarian monsters is to inject each and every American with this experimental, mind-altering, body changing, genetic reshaping, and deadly operating system falsely being called a Covid ‘vaccine.’

 It is not a vaccine at all, but a control and depopulation tool purposely designed to cause extreme sickness and death. These adverse responses caused by these toxic injections will not be correctly blamed on the shot, but will instead be used to claim that mutated variant expressions of the non-existent Covid-19 strain are the culprit. This will allow for more fear and panic in order to set up more demand for ‘vaccination.’ These never-ending crises will cause a much higher percentage of Americans to voluntarily seek out and take this virulent injection, and this will of course lead to an unending array of critical dilemmas, just as the state desires.

But it will not end there, as many will still not voluntarily take this toxic poison. The next phase, which is now in the works, will be to require proof of ‘vaccination’ in order to gain access to normal life functions. 

Currently, this is being called immunity or vaccine passports, and in New York it is already required to enter many venues, and is expanding quickly. Eventually, these passports as they are called, will be required for buying food, going into businesses, attending concerts or performances, banking, and other everyday necessities. 

In other words, it could become in the near future impossible to do anything without proof of vaccine. But so-called proof is not the desired outcome, it is only a means to an end, and that end is to vaccinate every single human. Once all are vaccinated, total control will have been achieved, and depopulation by vaccination murder can continue without resistance.


While much of the country is partially opening up, this is only the dangling of a carrot for the very short term before the next planned crisis emerges. Each crisis will bring more closures, lockdowns, stricter rules, and vastly more elevated enforcement. All of this has been telegraphed far in advance, and none of this should be a surprise to anyone, but alas, it seems as if very few have been or are now paying attention. We live in a society that fails to see what is right before their eyes, and intentionally hides from the truth. 

This behavior is indicative of a captured people, in what has now become a population of fools ready for their own enslavement. But this is more than enslavement, as the controllers not only want to lord over all of humanity, but they want to eliminate by vaccination murder a huge percentage of it as well. At this point, the people are making this easy to achieve.


This ‘vaccine’ and all the new ‘vaccines’ coming, due to what will be referred to as mutant variants, are killers. No one knows exactly what all the detrimental side effects will be, no one knows exactly how many deaths will occur due to this poison, but it has now become obvious that many adverse effects, many side effects, and much death seem imminent. Those perpetrating this fraud desire democide and world depopulation, and now they have the perfect weapon to accomplish their mission of death and destruction, and that weapon is called the ‘Covid’ vaccine.

With the elimination of huge numbers of people, and the implementation of mass control, every agenda sought by the powerful can be accomplished, from overpopulation, economic collapse, monetary restructuring, gun control, “climate change,” and with this comes what is being described as the “Great Reset.”

From the standpoint of tyrants, premeditated mass murder has its advantages, especially in this new advanced technological world. The only question was how to accomplish this plan without awakening a sleeping giant. 

The answer of course was to invent a fake killer virus with but one stated cure, that being a ‘vaccine’ that would become the real killer. 

What a diabolical plot, in that the people would actually kill themselves, and voluntarily for the most part, albeit with the help of their own elected government. 

This is now a nation prepared to commit mass suicide by injection, with the ‘hope’ of becoming free, safe, and maskless. Irony at this level is astounding to say the least, but it could only be possible in a society that has become dependent on rule, been fully indoctrinated, intellectually castrated, and gullible beyond recognition. 

Get used to it; this is the new America.

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“Russians by and large adhere to relatively strict gender roles: women are expected to dress well and take care of themselves, to want many babies, to act as the center of the household, and to be very ladylike, while men are expected to carry all the financial responsibility, protect the honor of their women, carry heavy loads, and drive the car.” This is from an article called Why Do Most Russian Women Hate Feminism.

“The obvious question here is: how did this intense aversion to feminism develop? The answer begins, as it often does, in the Bolshevik Revolution. In 1917, Russia became one of the first places in the world to give women the right to vote, and egalitarianism was promoted as one of the great ideals of the revolution.”

Most women today believe that women having the right to vote was a GREAT accomplishment that has given them freedom! Did you know that in early America, most women didn’t want to vote? In fact, many women fought against the Women’s Suffrage Movement. They could easily foretell the danger of this movement. They wanted the men to be in charge of the vote and politics, while they cared for their homes and children.

“Like many of those ideals, however, it was somewhat of an illusion. Women were still expected to take care of all the domestic duties, but now they had to take on the burden of labor as well…The overwhelming load that women now had to carry was expressed in the rhyming Russian saying, ‘I’m both a horse and a bull, I’m both a woman and a man,’ which echoes the complaints made by my mother and her friends when they used to tiredly grumble, ‘Before feminism, all you had to do was be a good wife and mother. Now you have to do everything.’”

You’ve been lied to, women. Unfortunately, the churches haven’t corrected the lies for most women, since it would offend them too much. While they should be convicted when they are taught the ways of biblical womanhood, they are offended instead and try to shut down those who teach it. They call biblical womanhood “dangerous” when in reality, it’s feminism that is dangerous and has caused destruction on our culture.

Learn from the Russian women! They are going back to what they were created to do by their loving Creator. They love being wives and mothers at home. Many of you write to me often telling me how thankful you are to be home full time. God’s ways are perfect. At the end of this post, I’m sharing a writing by a young 21 year old wife and mother. She is wise beyond her years.

That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.
Titus 2:4, 5

The Suppression of Women

🥀 “Men can be women. Women can be men. A masculine woman is a woman. A woman is a societal construct. A woman is anyone who feels like a woman.”

🥀 Everywhere we turn, we are force fed the idea that in the western world, women are oppressed; in the media, in the workplace, in organizations, even in the Church!

🥀 I happen to think what we *really* are as women is: suppressed, rather than oppressed.

🥀 Suppression of women comes under the guise of liberation. In order to be liberated, it turns out, women must suppress all that is natural within them. The submissive nature is overpowered by a rebellious spirit. The desire to nurture, love and protect children has turned into the fight to kill babies, the repulsion of children, and the glorification of child-free living.

🥀 Rather than the peaceful life of quiet homemaking, women are encouraged to live the stressful lives of career “boss-babes”. Instead of working hard in the home, they work hard anywhere BUT the home. A successful woman is no longer she who is chaste, kind, pure, loving and respectful of her parents, or husband and children, but rather, she who gives her virginity away to a man who is not her husband, who is brash and angry (under the guise of being strong and empowered), who rebels against her parents or elders due to their seemingly antiquated ideas, and who can make the funniest child-bashing and husband belittling jokes.

🥀 The natural cycle that prepares our bodies to carry life, and detoxes it once a month, is destroyed with the use of contraception and sterilisation. Instead of loving God and others, we are told to love and prioritize ourselves. All that is good and right in this world, we are told, like a husband providing for his family, is actually just oppression, and all that is contrary to God’s design for women, we are told, is liberating. How did we get here?

🥀 This suppression has to do with the suppression of men, first and foremost, because if masculinity is subdued, who is left to lead women? When women are left to their own devices and are not led and corrected by strong, loving, God-fearing and truth-speaking men, chaos ensues (see Adam and Eve).

Written by Solieolie on Instagram

Feminism Has Made Life Harder For Women

Dollar Death Knell: IMF Introduces World Currency


Anthony Migchels: “Henry, something big happened last week: the IMF is going to give out loans in SDR. Special Drawing Rights are their currency. By itself, they’re nothing special, but the IMF has always lent in Dollars.
That they are going to print their own currency on a large scale, $650 billion to begin with, is simply monumental. It means that World Currency is starting.
This is EXACTLY what Mark Carney (BoE chief) announced 18 months ago. That the Petrodollar would end ‘in ten years’, and would be replaced with an IMF World Reserve Currency. I reported on it here. There’s Going to be a Gold Standard & It Will Be Disastrous.”“Make no mistake: if there’s a World Central Bank, and a World Reserve Currency, open World Government is not far away.”see Anthony’s investment advice below article
The Petrodollar Is Dead! Long Live The IMF World Reserve Currency!
By Anthony Migchels(

Eighteen months after Mark Carney officially announced the end of the Petrodollar, and its replacement by an IMF World Reserve Currency, the IMF announces that they will create $650 billion worth of Special Drawing Rights.

It’s an astounding event. The IMF ceases lending in dollars, and starts using its own currency to bail out nations. Ninety have asked for ‘assistance’, their finances savaged by the lockdown.

$650 billion may not sound like much but this is only the beginning. Soon the IMF will be throwing around trillions worth of SDR like the Fed now is doing with USD.

The idea is that the IMF currency can be used as reserve currency. And they will, the Petrodollar is inflating badly, and has lost perhaps as much as half of its value in real terms over the last 18 months or so. The Euro and the Yen are also in bad shape, hiding the true extent of the dollar’s decline. Nobody is going to be happy to see their reserves (or savings) melt away.

This may sound either bizarre, or even hardly relevant, but it is. Everybody is bamboozled by the Lockdown and the ‘virus’, but in the background a huge financial crisis has been ongoing. Let’s recapitulate the key events over the last few years, that led to this crunch moment in World History.

0. The foreplay was the Fed starting tapering in 2017. Presumably trying to take some of the liquidity they had injected during the 2008 Crunch out of the System. And raising rates. This had the entirely predictable, and indeed widely predicted, effect of creating a major liquidity squeeze in the System.


Here’s the trend of M2 growth, a key money supply measure.

As is clearly visible, the Fed’s tapering simply caused a deflationary crash, just as they did in 2008, and 2001. Money growth went to zero; it needs to grow about 10% per year to keep the System sufficiently liquid. 

Basically to keep the Usury on the debt payable, that is what is driving money growth. There is never enough money to pay interest + debt.


1. But the story of the death of the Petrodollar and the rise of the IMF World Reserve Currency starts in earnest in August 23 2019, when Mark Carney, Bank of England chief at the time, in a meeting with colleague central bankers, announced that ‘within ten years’, the Dollar’s role as World Reserve Currency would end, and that it would be replaced not by the Yuan, but an IMF World Reserve Currency. He added that a change of reserve currency is typically associated with ‘dramatic upheavals’.

2. Then, not a month later, on Monday September 16th 2019, problems started mounting on the repo market, where Banks and other ‘institutions’ go for daily short term loans to balance their books. It went as high as 10%. This indicated that players in the shadow banking system didn’t trust each others’ collateral anymore. They effectively stopped lending to each other. One may remember the Libor rate in 2008, which went up, indicating the same problems. This means these ‘institutions’ were technically bankrupt.

3. This then, was the excuse for the Fed to start QE 4. At first, they said they would start a) buying up treasuries, and b) provide ‘short term loans’ on a daily basis to insolvent ‘institutions’.

It started with about $75 billion per day, which nowadays is small beer, but things escalated quickly. On January 3d 2020, the day Soleimani was executed, the Fed reported that they had already doled out $6 Trillion in day to day-loans.

4. Things worsened only from there. When the World Wide Lockdown started, March 16th 2020, the Fed was already providing a cool $1 Trillion per day in loans to the shadow banking system. That fateful day, when 4 billion people were given house arrest, they started a $4 Trillion ‘asset purchasing program’, basically allowing the bankrupt ‘institutions’ (it’s very sad Newspeak to call these plunder operations ‘institutions’) to off load their junk to the Fed, in a bid to ‘solve’ the problems on the repo market.

Yes, we got locked up as they gave $4 Trillion to the Bank, that’s literally what happened. It was all sold as ‘panic due to Corona’, but the real ‘panic’ (in reality, it’s all orchestrated A to Z) was on Wall Street.

5. Several ‘packages have come through Congress since that bailout. Mnuchin gave Wall Street another Trillion. Biden has just signed a $3 Trillion deal, most of which goes directly to the filthy rich too. All in all, the Fed and the US Government have added $12 Trillion in new dollars to the System since September 2019.

6. As a result of this inflation the obvious is happening: rising prices. Especially in commodities. Everything is up 50% or more, lumber 180%. It will take a little time for these prices to translate in rising prices of all goods, but they will.

There’s also massive housing speculation. In Vancouver, Australia. Much of it is driven by China, which has expanded credit with an even greater amount than the Fed over the last few years. Some say as much $30 Trillion.

7. Much of the inflation goes to the Stock Exchange, resulting in the ridiculous ‘boom’ there, which is 100% totally artificial, and would not exist without the Fed.

Between September and December 2019, the S&P went down from 2905 to 2416. This must have been because of the disastrous liquidity squeeze in the shadow banking system that became apparent with that 10% repo market interest rate spike.

Then, because of QE, it started climbing like crazy again, all the way up to 3380. Next, it lost a full 1000 points in the week after the Lockdown started. Presumably because of ‘covid’, but it had nothing to do with that, it was the same problems in the financial system, for which they were providing already a Trillion per day on the repo market, and for which they conjured up that $ 4 Trillion bailout.


Since then, the S&P has risen to 4019 today. Another 600 point rise while the real economy is in shambles due to the Lockdown.

8. The result of all this is obvious: it has killed the Dollar. Just as ‘economist’/bankster agent Kyle Bass said they would do to ‘fix’ America’s finances back in 2011. Both its value, and its status. De-dollarization is ongoing and has been escalating. The already crumbling Petrodollar is not going to recover from this.

The IMF’s move confirms this: the new loans are in their SDRs, not in the usual Dollars. Washington’s dominance in the IMF is officially over. From now on, the IMF itself dominates.


The latest news is that bond markets are now starting to show rising yields. Interest rates are rising. Those holding Treasuries are going to take a huge hit with high inflation, and they’re, belatedly, waking up to that fact. Rising yields are the natural result, but of course higher interest rates are crushing for debtors. That is the unsolvable (within the usurious financial paradigm) crucifix that the People are nailed upon: either inflation, or deflation. Or better, first inflation, then deflation. Classic boom bust creation by the Bankers, they’ve been doing this throughout Modernity.

Just last week, March 31st, the Fed, in a shock announcement, said they would not prolong a ‘short term’ measure they installed last year ‘to calm markets’, which involved looser demands for capital reserves for ‘financial institutions’. De facto this means Banks and hedge funds must hold higher capital reserves. And this definitely has tightening effects on money. In fact: it likely has serious consequences for lots of ‘distressed’ outfits on Wall Street, including the Mega Banks themselves. Remember, they wouldn’t lend each other just months ago, and they’re still all out on a limb, relying on eternal, and ever higher bailouts by the Fed.

It can’t be much of a coincidence, that immediately a major hedge fund, Archegos, collapsed.

It remains to be seen how far the Fed is willing to take this, but all bets are off. They’re capable of anything. They’re clearly on the war path, and destroying what’s left of American Hegemony, so it’s far from unlikely that they could be out for some serious blood.

If we have indeed witnessed the end of the Fed’s expansion, major defaults seem all but unavoidable. They simply can’t bail them all out all the time, even if they would want to.


This is it. What we’ve been discussing for two decades or more in the Alternative Media is now coming to pass.

The Petrodollar is officially over, and the IMF is creating their own World Reserve Currency, the Special Drawing Rights. They are no longer lending in Dollar, but in their own money.
Washington no longer dominates the IMF, the IMF is now the morphing into the official World Central Bank.

Officially owned by all the Nations, but in reality owning all of them.

And let there be no mistake: if there’s a World Central Bank, and a World Reserve Currency, open World Government is not far away.

———–Anthony Migchels is a monetary reformer, and the founder of ‘De Florijn’, an interest-free currency in the Netherlands. His blog is

The Dying Dollar And The Rise Of A New Currency Order
NWO Magick: A Faux ‘Pandemic’, And A Very, Very Real Financial Collapse
Trillion Du Jour For Parasites
The Crunch Is Back, There Will Be A Gold Standard, And It Will Be Disastrous

Investment take-away-  “Gold has been a disaster over the last 10 years! Everything has been going sky high, but Gold is still priced the same as in 2011, when the Fed brutally broke its ascent during the 2000’s. I always believed there was going to be a Gold standard at some point, before World Currency. But as always they’re creating facts on the ground. This SDR thing is serious business.

For the rest, keep an eye on the Fed. If they’re seriously going to end their expansion, then drop all paper/dollar assets, stocks, the like. As long as they keep printing, everything will continue to go up, once they start tightening, everything crashes. And Gold, the question is: is it going to be money again?! And my bet is still it will, once the inflation starts seriously biting. The main thing is: people shouldn’t be speculating, the question is how to become independent from this Babylonian/Nephilim ‘finance’ which is all paid for by the 90%.” -Anthony Migchels

War with China? What Fun!

There is no limit to misjudgement. If the psychic curiosities in the Federal bunker start a war with China, or push Beijing into starting one, it will be blamed on a proximate cause, such as a collision of warships after which some lieutenant who joined on waivers lost it and opened fire. After all, historians have to write about something. The causes will actually be deeper and more complex.

To begin, people are cerebrally arranged to form groups–“packs” is a better word—and fight with other groups. This is dimwitted, but so are people. The urge manifests itself in wars, political parties, football, teenage gangs, and contract bridge. It is not rational. In football, armored mercenary felons having no relation to the cities they represent, battle other felons from another city, most of whose citizens would not let their daughters within a parsec of said felons—all this while the fans scream in adrenal murderousness. It is just what we do. At the national level, it is called “patriotism.”

Territoriality is part of the disorder. Human minds—the phrase may be an overstatement—seem intended for small wild groups for whom protection of hunting grounds might be important. When a Secretary of State embodies this instinct, he may, for example, confuse Asia with a patch of woods rife with deer. An instinct well suited to one situation is applied to another to which it isn’t.

But why do Americans regard China as an enemy? Partly because the vast military sector of the economy needs an enemy as a budgetary pretext. This is often said. It is also true. Since none of the anointed enemies—Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea—does anything to threaten Americans, a drumbeat of media about largely imaginary menaces is needed. And provided.

At a somewhat deeper level, it is again the pack instinct. Conservatives in particular tend to see the world in terms of tribes, countries, or faiths presumed hostile. Even though the public has almost no knowledge of China, or because of this, it can quite easily be persuaded that China is very dangerous. People can then easily begin clamoring for war and, politicians being politicians, they will not risk votes by pointing out the stupidity.

But let us go back to the collision of warships. Why would a diversity-admit junior officer open fire on China? Proximately, because he is frightened and panicky. A bit more remotely, because he has been told over and over and over that the Chinese are dangerous and aggressive and want to do terrible things, seldom specified. The military tells them this because you cannot prepare the troops for war by telling them that there is no reason for it.

Why would a President allow a war, knowing (if in a lucid moment) that it would produce absolute unshirted havoc in the economy even if it didn’t go nuclear? He wouldn’t. That is, he wouldn’t all at once choose Armageddon. But he couldn’t afford to seem soft on China, not with the midterms looming, so he couldn’t back off. If in the ensuing shootout the Navy got trounced, he most assuredly couldn’t drop the matter, and would have to double down. So, of course, would the Chinese for the same sorts of reasons. Off to the races.

Deeper in the forest of causation is that the pathologically aggressive, amoral, manipulative, and crafty tend to rise to power. We select as rulers those who are least fit to rule. In America this is often done a bit differently, with the unscrupulous and powerful choosing cardboard leaders whose strings they can pull. The effect is the same.

Why would war seem reasonable? Because Americans have never seen one, and believe their forces to be invincible. If you think that you can’t lose a fight, why avoid one? And because those in comfortable circumstances know that a war in Asia would be fought by the lower economic classes, about whom they care nothing and don’t much like. American elites do not fight. Note the list of draft dodgers during Vietnam: Bush II, Cheney, Bolton, Trump, Biden.

These men, knowing almost nothing of the military, war or, very likely, military history, are quickly hijacked mentally by the Pentagon. The firm handshake, the steely gaze, the clean shaven, confident, and patriotic warriors (if only via Powerpoint) are impressive to pols who…well, you know…haven’t done that. They project strength and realism, without necessarily having either. Listening to them, you can easily get a sense of being accepted into a special, manly club. They say that America has the most powerful, invincible, best trained, tra la, tra la, and if you haven’t been there it is easy to believe. The Chinese? A cakewalk. Iran? Coupla weeks.

Another reason for easily blundering into a war poorly understood is the very low quality of American government. Congress and the President are chosen by popularity contests, not according to competence. A congressman who worked his way up the political ladder in Wheeling or Baton Rouge knows state politics. He is unlikely to know anything about the first Island Chain or what a terminally guided ballistic missile is. A friend in a position to know estimates that ninety percent of the Senate do not know where Myanmar is. No one without a grasp of geography has more than a child’s understanding of military, economic, or strategic reality. But they vote on these things.

Sez I, we are well and truly screwed. But there is little we can do about it.

The below is a collection of non-political pieces over the years that I think people might find enjoyable.

Traipsing Through Wonderland

Amazon: “Chronicles of a wild life in biker bars and the fleshpots of Bangkok, of years of solo hitchhiking across America, of a Southern boyhood of drag racing in old wrecks and guns and beer, of Marine Corps boot camp and Moon’s strange church, of scuba diving the deep walls of the Caribbean and cave diving in Mexico, of life on staff at Soldier of Fortune magazine and nine years as police reporter for the Washington Times in the weird, sad, and often unbelievable urban Petri dishes of the big cities. Politically incorrect and evilly funny, Fred takes no prisoners. He skews with murderous wit things he doesn’t like, which are many: pols, talking heads, officious do-gooders. He has a soft spot for things he does like, such as dogs, drunks, bar girls, and ambulance crews, of all of which he has known many. His work has appeared in Playboy, Harper’s, the Washington Post magazine an op-ed pages, and suchlike stations of the literary cross.the literary cross”