“Russians by and large adhere to relatively strict gender roles: women are expected to dress well and take care of themselves, to want many babies, to act as the center of the household, and to be very ladylike, while men are expected to carry all the financial responsibility, protect the honor of their women, carry heavy loads, and drive the car.” This is from an article called Why Do Most Russian Women Hate Feminism.

“The obvious question here is: how did this intense aversion to feminism develop? The answer begins, as it often does, in the Bolshevik Revolution. In 1917, Russia became one of the first places in the world to give women the right to vote, and egalitarianism was promoted as one of the great ideals of the revolution.”

Most women today believe that women having the right to vote was a GREAT accomplishment that has given them freedom! Did you know that in early America, most women didn’t want to vote? In fact, many women fought against the Women’s Suffrage Movement. They could easily foretell the danger of this movement. They wanted the men to be in charge of the vote and politics, while they cared for their homes and children.

“Like many of those ideals, however, it was somewhat of an illusion. Women were still expected to take care of all the domestic duties, but now they had to take on the burden of labor as well…The overwhelming load that women now had to carry was expressed in the rhyming Russian saying, ‘I’m both a horse and a bull, I’m both a woman and a man,’ which echoes the complaints made by my mother and her friends when they used to tiredly grumble, ‘Before feminism, all you had to do was be a good wife and mother. Now you have to do everything.’”

You’ve been lied to, women. Unfortunately, the churches haven’t corrected the lies for most women, since it would offend them too much. While they should be convicted when they are taught the ways of biblical womanhood, they are offended instead and try to shut down those who teach it. They call biblical womanhood “dangerous” when in reality, it’s feminism that is dangerous and has caused destruction on our culture.

Learn from the Russian women! They are going back to what they were created to do by their loving Creator. They love being wives and mothers at home. Many of you write to me often telling me how thankful you are to be home full time. God’s ways are perfect. At the end of this post, I’m sharing a writing by a young 21 year old wife and mother. She is wise beyond her years.

That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.
Titus 2:4, 5

The Suppression of Women

🥀 “Men can be women. Women can be men. A masculine woman is a woman. A woman is a societal construct. A woman is anyone who feels like a woman.”

🥀 Everywhere we turn, we are force fed the idea that in the western world, women are oppressed; in the media, in the workplace, in organizations, even in the Church!

🥀 I happen to think what we *really* are as women is: suppressed, rather than oppressed.

🥀 Suppression of women comes under the guise of liberation. In order to be liberated, it turns out, women must suppress all that is natural within them. The submissive nature is overpowered by a rebellious spirit. The desire to nurture, love and protect children has turned into the fight to kill babies, the repulsion of children, and the glorification of child-free living.

🥀 Rather than the peaceful life of quiet homemaking, women are encouraged to live the stressful lives of career “boss-babes”. Instead of working hard in the home, they work hard anywhere BUT the home. A successful woman is no longer she who is chaste, kind, pure, loving and respectful of her parents, or husband and children, but rather, she who gives her virginity away to a man who is not her husband, who is brash and angry (under the guise of being strong and empowered), who rebels against her parents or elders due to their seemingly antiquated ideas, and who can make the funniest child-bashing and husband belittling jokes.

🥀 The natural cycle that prepares our bodies to carry life, and detoxes it once a month, is destroyed with the use of contraception and sterilisation. Instead of loving God and others, we are told to love and prioritize ourselves. All that is good and right in this world, we are told, like a husband providing for his family, is actually just oppression, and all that is contrary to God’s design for women, we are told, is liberating. How did we get here?

🥀 This suppression has to do with the suppression of men, first and foremost, because if masculinity is subdued, who is left to lead women? When women are left to their own devices and are not led and corrected by strong, loving, God-fearing and truth-speaking men, chaos ensues (see Adam and Eve).

Written by Solieolie on Instagram

Feminism Has Made Life Harder For Women

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