We Needed the Result We Got

By Rodney O. Willis

There are two elections the Democrats have never gotten over:  Bush v. Gore, and Trump v. Clinton. 

In the 2000 Bush v. Gore election, all eyes were focused on Florida and the drama over hanging chads and butterfly ballots.  Republicans believed that election officials in predominantly Democrat counties in south Florida were engaged in small-scale election fraud by fabricating illegal ballots.  In turn, Democrats believed that the Republicans were using their state officials and the Supreme Court to throw out legal ballots.  “Disenfranchised” was the word of the year.

In the 2016 Trump v. Clinton election, it became clear on election night that Hillary had gotten swept in an electoral rout by President Trump.  Democrats were dumbfounded, wrestling with how a crass political neophyte could defeat “the smartest woman in the world.”  Two brutal defeats were enough to push the Democrats toward a new strategy.

Small-scale fraud would not work in 2020 — only large-scale, industrial strength, systematic fraud would ensure an electoral victory.  It appears that Joe Biden wasn’t kidding when he said they had put together the most “inclusive voter fraud” operation.

On election night 2020, most Republicans went to bed feeling very confident about the outcome of the election.  The leads were so great, that no amount of chicanery would upset the balance, or so they thought.  Instead, Republicans woke up the next morning to find that all the leads had completely evaporated — and in very suspicious ways.  The realization hit hard.  The Democrats had really done it — they had gone all in to make sure Trump lost.

In the aftermath of this election, it is clear that no election will ever be the same again.  The level of distrust can hardly be measured.  The level of anger is palpable.  The desire for revenge is formidable.  Every future election will be contested; every outcome will be doubted.

But what if Trump had prevailed?  What would have happened if the voter turnout was so overwhelming that it had overcome the Democrats’ attempts at stealing the election?  Would we not just be overjoyed that we “dodged a bullet”?  Would we not just celebrate the victory while paying lip service to “preserving the integrity of our election?”  After all, did any significant reform take place after the 2000 election?

It was inevitable that at some point the Democrats would master the art of the steal, and America would be left speechless at the breadth and depth of the maniacal machine that pulled it off.  It’s one thing to lose fairly on a level playing field and with unchanging rules.  It’s quite another to lose through outright villainy to a man whom history will likely show to be the most corrupt person to run for President.

This election result might just be the result we needed to save our democracy.

The 2020 election revealed three very real dangers to our democracy.

The first danger is the media.  They cannot be trusted.  Their credibility has long been suspect, but they are little more than a Democrat PR firm.  They not only refused to call out Joe Biden on his corruption, but actively suppressed any stories relating to it.  Going forward, the so-called “fourth branch” can no longer consist of just the officially recognized journalists.  They must forever be supplanted by citizen journalists who will disseminate information through means outside the control of the government and corporations.  Americans have a right to hear all sides to all stories.

The second danger is the Corporation.  Once the backbone of American industry and a symbol of pride for our nation, the American executive class has taken on the role that was once the domain of despotic governments — social monitors and censors.  It’s not just big tech, although they are the most egregious, but big finance and big media, too. PayPal regularly “deplatforms” legal and legitimate businesses for the crime of being conservative.   Under the Obama administration’s “Operation Choke Point,” banks like SunTrust closed the accounts of gun stores simply because they sold guns. This cancer is spreading to all fields.  These companies are banning businesses and individuals for failing to comply with the left’s agenda.  This must be stopped.  We must break these companies and restore individual liberty and the freedom of expression without fear of reprisal.

The final danger is this:  the system of elections is controlled by the elected.  The process of obtaining power is operated by those already in power. We the people must assert our authority over our most sacred right for the sake of ourselves and our posterity.  If we cannot do so, then future elections will be nothing more than communist-style charades giving the illusion of democracy over the fist of tyranny. 

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