The real purpose of the curfew. It’s not about the virus!!

THE REAL PURPOSE OF THE CURFEW – ITS NOT ABOUT THE VIRUSBy John Wadsworth, New California State, El Dorado county I remember very well from my years of living in communist Romania they had a 10:00 pm state imposed curfew. At the time there was no co-vid virus pandemic in Romania or in the world for that fact so the curfew in Romania had nothing to do with stopping a disease such co-vid. But there was the virus of totalitarianism in the form of “state” communism being orchestrated by a pusillanimous, craven controlling dictator that needed to be preserved. The communist dictator was Nicolae Ceausescu who was the President of the Socialist Republic of Romania from 1974 (and leader of the country since 1965), along with his wife Elena. The curfew he imposed was to stop the growth of the virus of freedom, independence and liberty the Romanian people could only dream to have for themselves. Then in December 1989 the virus of freedom, independence and liberty matured.The curfew being imposed by the California dictator Gavin Newsom has absolutely nothing to do with stopping the spread of the co-vid virus or of “flattening the curve”, which was the initial purpose of all the draconian measures we have experienced in this democrat dictatorship. Very few people are out spreading the virus past ten o’clock at night. Seriously! No – the REAL purpose of the curfew is as follows, in my opinion:

  • to control the roads
  • to control transportation and movement of citizens
  • to enable apprehension of enemies
  • to provide cover for deep state activities that will occur at night and to minimize witnesses and observation
  • to acclimate the citizens to a climate of being on war footing
  • to facilitate night time arrests of counter-coup patriots

They are preparing for a revolution and an uprising.The curfew is completely UNRELATED to the virus.John Wadsworth is a member of the New California State, El Dorado County Committee. John has spent many years living in countries around the world that have been governed by communist dictators as a Christian Missionary. At the end of the cold war in the late 1980s and early1990s John and his family lived in Romania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Moldova. They saw first hand how people were oppressed and witnessed their struggles to be free of totalitarianism.

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