The Incredible Never-Ending Election Continues

Donald N. Finley

As of this writing, the 2020 presidential election is still not finished.  Many Americans are dumbfounded. 

The counting pause late into the evening on Election Night, amid a Trump surge in nearly all of the uncalled battleground states, is well documented.  The Fox News early calls of Virginia and Arizona for Biden, while the math favored Trump, and the reported vote counts were low, defies logic, despite their experts’ 100% certainty.  Fox News’s failure to call Florida, Texas, Georgia, and North Carolina for what seemed hours after 99% of the vote was in, given the early calls just mentioned, was inexplicable. 

Trying to put all this together, we had the “Transition Integrity Project,” published in August.  All along, the Democrats have planned to delay conceding; Hillary advised Biden not to concede under any circumstances.  Logically, the only reason would be to eliminate his need to concede at all, since the vote deficits could easily be pinpointed, and with prior planning, everything could be in place to fix the problem.  In the middle of the night — say, around 3 A.M. or so, when everyone is tired, with a break in the action — the plan could go into effect.  

We also had the polling farce.  For months, Biden held a commanding lead in nearly every poll, while our lying eyes showed us Trump rallies all across the country with tens of thousands in attendance.  There were Trump parades strung for miles and miles on highways and waterways, a phenomenon never seen for any election, at least in my lifetime.  Pundits commented how they had never before heard the “We Love You” chant for any candidate.  While Trump energetically traversed the nation, keeping a pace that exhausted those just watching, Biden hid in his basement, preparing for a debate, playing damage control for Hunter, or doing a Zoom interview with a teleprompter.  No one called it campaigning, but it was “clearly working for him.”

We had the Russia, Russia, Russia revelations that trickled out through the tireless work of Judicial Watch and House Republicans.  There were verified, irrefutable illegal acts carried out by the Obama administration against Trump’s campaign and loyalists.  The brain-washing of the electorate against Trump began before he took office, and Biden was in the thick of it. 

The brainwashing continued through the Mueller investigation and into the impeachment debacle, where the president was impeached for what Biden had bragged on video about doing, and we now know from Hunter’s laptop that it was just the tip of the iceberg of Biden’s corruption.

We had the MSM, where anti-Trump brainwashing was a never-ending effort.  Ninety-plus percent of stories about Trump were negative, and his accomplishments, even his brokered peace deals in the Middle East, were barely touched upon, if mentioned at all.  Did any voters even know he has five nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize for 2021?  Tucker Carlson did an entire show with the Bidens’ former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, who revealed Joe Biden’s lies; he knew all about Hunter’s influence-peddling in multiple foreign countries.  Carlson said not a single other MSM network even mentioned the name “Bobulinski.”  So the MSM not only brain-washed the electorate against Trump, but omitted the positive about him, as well as the negative about Biden, right up to the election.  Over four years of record-breaking accomplishments and fulfilling campaign promises that made America, and Americans, stronger and more prosperous, and the president had to fight the biased onslaught non-stop. 

We had the social media giants, where foreign despots can trash America freely but the president of the United States running for re-election and his press secretary are censored for posting what is indisputably true.  The bias that ran rampant throughout influential American sources of public information was shameful and despicable, and it tilted the playing field against the president because he is not a politician.  Trump never fit the politician mold, sucking up to donors, parsing his words, staying above the fray, or looking away as Obama did while others sold out America for personal profit.   

We now await the conclusion of the greatest political scandal in American history, carried through to the end in what the Democrats and the MSM will laugh about behind closed doors.  Trump railed about voter fraud being real, and the response was always “there’s no evidence of it.”  Just like accusations of Joe Biden’s corruption — “there’s no evidence of any corruption.”  That just means you’ll have to find it; it’s not a denial of it being real, and thus, it’s technically not a lie.  That’s always how they do it.  This time, in league with operatives from the Transition Integrity Project placed in the population centers in every battleground state, they’re pulling off the ultimate “You’re Fired” scandal through pre-planned voter fraud on a massive scale.  Reports and videos have been posted for several days.  They should be transparent, but the Trump campaign has already filed suit because they’re covering it up — i.e., “no evidence.”

Joe Biden is a worse candidate than Hillary Clinton, and a worse Catholic than Osama bin Laden.  He’s provably corrupt, has no core beliefs beyond what his audience wants to hear, and has a longer record of plagiarism, going back to his 20s, than of legislative accomplishments in over a half-century.  He’s made up more versions of his own life’s story than he can recall.  His deal with Bernie Sanders to keep from completely alienating Bernie’s supporters promises to bring socialism ever closer to full reality in America.  Does anyone really believe, with his obvious mental decline, that Joe will be pulling his own strings?  He has sold his soul, if he had one, to the powers who promised to get him elected, something he’s wanted all his life.  This is about his dream being fulfilled, not his dream for America. 

Remember what’s at stake.  The Durham investigation into the crimes of the Obama administration will disappear if Biden is elected.  No accountability whatsoever.  He has even named some of his co-conspirators as possible Cabinet members.  Even Hillary wants to be secretary of defense!  When it’s all put together, it’s just about the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

Donald N. Finley is a retired U.S. Air Force colonel.

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