‘Compliance Ambassadors’ Now A Thing – Top 10 Tyrannical Mandates By Liberal Governors Across America- Welcome to Orwell’s ‘1984’ Where Freedom Is An Illusion And Constitutional Rights No Longer Exist

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

While we have seen readers discuss the individual rules and threats of punishments for not abiding by the tyrannical Governor mandates for their particular state, a look at some of the most egregious, over-the-top Orwellian orders, along with the news that there are now “Compliance Ambassadors,” routinely visiting businesses in Nevada, and we are seemingly living in George Orwell’s novel “1984.”

Apparently, Democrats and RINO’s (Republican In Name Only), thought “1984” was an instructional manual, rather than a work of fiction.

Orwell saw where the world was headed back in 1949 when his book was published. Even earlier since he needed time to write it and get it published.

Between online speech police, threats of censorship for wrong-think, actual censorship for ideologies not approve by liberals, rules and regulations that get more strict and stringent every year, and now Governors using an outbreak of a new coronavirus as a guise to implement even more tyrannical and draconian rules against their constituents, we are truly living in Orwell’s world of “1984.”


State Governors are now determining what businesses are “non-essential” and force them to close for long periods of time, costing livelihoods on a regular basis, forcing employees and owners to become jobless. 

People are being forced to wear masks, even if outside in their own yards, as well as any time out in public, or face penalties and fines.

While out in public, people are being told where to stand, where to sit, what they are allowed to do, what businesses they are allowed to frequent (by closing the ones they consider non-essential), when they are allowed to worship and where they are allowed to do their worshipping (by disallowing church attendance), all amongst some of the most egregious violations of Americans’ rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

There is also talk of forcing Americans to take a vaccine, one that hasn’t even been available to the public yet,

Compliance AmbassadorsOn November 13, 2020, the city of Las Vegas’ official Twitter account shared a tweet that said “Our business license officers & compliance ambassadors continue to visit 300 businesses per day every day, to ensure they are following @GovSisolak’s recent directive to help keep workers and visitors safe.”

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Then they linked to the Nevada government website, detailing the work of “compliance ambassadors” which is part of their “ambassador program,” working in conjunction with business license officer, who handle the “enforcement” for violations found by the “compliance ambassadors.”

As part of their October 2nd update, we see the following:

Compliance ambassadors are not enforcing the directive; they are observing behaviors and verifying whether violations are occurring. If there is an enforcement action that needs to be taken, that will be done by a business license officer. The compliance ambassadors are existing city employees; they are not new hires or newly added positions. These employees have been reassigned to the ambassadors program temporarily from their normal department. These ambassadors have been trained to identify whether any violations of the directive are occurring and to educate the business owners. If these ambassadors observe a clear violation of the directive, they will refer that to a business license officer who will then visit the business and address the violation. Business license officers have the ability to write citations and issue fines.

Compliance ambassadors…. I read that term and thought there is no way this is America. Then I thought, should Biden take office, which is looking likely, how long before we have compliance officers country-wide, not only for businesses, but in our homes.

Before anyone scoffs at that idea, remember, Indoor and outdoor gatherings in private homes in New York state will be limited to 10 people, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday.

How do you imagine Cuomo plans to implement and enforce this order, if not sending law enforcement to actual private residences to count the amount of people who are in attendance?

Some law enforcement have already stated publicly, that is not a mandate they will enforce for the tyrannical governor Cuomo.

Other liberal governors are attempting to cancel Thanksgiving, and/or Christmas.

California is mandating no more than “three households” are allowed to get together at one residence for get togethers. Not be outdone in the tyranny department, the Nazi from Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer aka “wHitler” has decreased that to two households.

Oh, let us not forget they are ordering people to wear masks even in their own homes, as well as telling those hosting the Thanksgiving holiday gathering that they must document everyone that attended.

Tell me if you think this is still America?


USA Today has a state-by-state list of “restrictions” forced onto residents, with links to the actual announcements or posts detailing them.

We are picking what we see as the top ten tyrannical mandates, but readers are welcome, encouraged, to share which ones they think are the most egregious in the comment section below.

1.) Michigan: 

In-person classes at high schools and colleges statewide will be suspended for three weeks along with eat-in dining at restaurants and bars under sweeping new restrictions aimed at reining in the exponential growth of coronavirus cases in Michigan, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced Sunday.

The new public health order is to take effect Wednesday, and includes the cancellation of organized sports and group exercise classes, though gyms may remain open for individual exercise with strict safety measures, and professional and college athletics may continue.

Casinos and movie theaters, indoor ice rinks, bowling alleys and bingo halls also will have to temporarily shut down, and all businesses are asked to allow employees to work from home if possible.

Gatherings inside homes are limited to two households at any time and health officials strongly urge families to pick a single other household to interact with over the next three weeks. 

2.) California: 

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Nov. 16 that another 28 counties have moved into the most restrictive tier that’s part of the four-tier reopening plan. The governor cited rising infections for having to pull the “emergency brake.” That brings to 41 the number of counties out of 58 in the state in that tier, which requires there be no indoor restaurant dining or indoor church services. California has had a statewide mask order since June.

As previously stated, California has also recently ordered no more than three households can attend a Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends.

3.) New York:

Bars and restaurants with a liquor license will have to close by 10 p.m. and indoor gatherings at private homes will be limited to no more than 10 people under new statewide rules announced Nov. 11 by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Gyms will also have to close by 10 p.m.

The restrictions, which take effect Friday night, come in response to increasing COVID-19 numbers in the state and growing concerns that it will be hit with a second wave of coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

The limit on social activities at home, down from the current 50, is sure to draw some backlash, but Cuomo, a Democrat, said on Twitter, “We know indoor gatherings and parties are a major source of COVID spread.”

New York has had a statewide mask order since April.

Indoor and outdoor gatherings in private residences in New York state will be limited to 10 people.

4.) New  Jersey:

Gov. Phil Murphy lowered the threshold for the number of people allowed at indoor gatherings.

He said Nov. 16 that indoor gatherings will now be limited to 10 people, down from 25, and the outdoor capacity will be lowered to 150, from 500. 

Towns and counties will have the discretion to close bars, restaurants and other businesses by 8 p.m. under an executive order that Murphy, a Democrat, said he planned to sign Nov. 12.

The order will allow local officials to close any business not considered essential two hours earlier than a statewide order issued this week that stops bars and restaurants from operating indoors after 10 p.m. 


New Jersey has had a statewide mask order since July.

5.) Nevada: 

Nevada takes the fifth spot, not so much for their overall restrictions but any state that uses “compliance ambassadors,” should be shamed publicly.

“Nevadans need to change behaviors immediately. …Again, if we don’t make progress over the next 14 days, I will be forced to take stronger action.”

Sisolak urged Nevadans to shelter in place as much as possible, describing it as “stay-at-home 2.0.” But he stopped well short of telling tourists to stay home, adding that he was simply demanding that visitors play by the rules. 

6.) Oregon:

Gov. Kate Brown announced Nov. 13 a two-week “freeze” for the state that will take effect starting Nov. 18. Restaurants and bars will have to go back to take-out service only — previously they were allowed to have limited indoor seating — and indoor recreation centers like gyms, museums and theaters will close again, as will zoos and gardens. Grocery stores will be limited to 75% capacity, and Brown is encouraging curbside pickup when possible. 

Additionally, the freeze will stop visits to nursing homes and business are now required to mandate that employees work from home as much as possible. Social gatherings, in or out, are not to include more than six people from two households.

Oregon has had a statewide mask order since July.

7.) Massachusetts: 

Republican Gov. Charlie Baker instituted a partial stay-at-home order effective Nov. 6. The revised order seeks to restrict late-night congregating, telling residents to stay home from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. ET. But it allows trips to work, running “critical errands,” such as going for groceries or for health reasons, and allows people to take walks.

Restaurants, liquor stores, gyms, hair salons, theaters and some other recreational businesses and attractions must close from 9:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. as well. Restaurants, however, may be allowed to stay later for takeout food. Private gatherings at people’s homes, limited to 10 people inside and 25 outdoors, must end by 9:30 p.m.


All residents also must wear face masks even when they can maintain 6 feet of distance from others under the order. The state has had a mask mandate since May.

8.) Minnesota: 

Democratic Gov. Tim Walz imposed new COVID-19 restrictions Nov. 10 amid a surge in statewide infections, reducing the allowed capacity at bars and restaurants and setting limits on social gatherings. Conditions will get dramatically worse unless people start changing their behavior, he said.

Bars and restaurants must stop serving at 10 p.m., but they can still offer takeout and delivery, and attendance at weddings, funerals and social gatherings will be limited.

Minnesota has had a statewide mask order since July.

9.) Illinois:

“For the next three weeks, stay home as much as possible, leaving only for necessary and essential activities, such as work that must be performed outside the home, COVID-19 testing, visiting the pharmacy, and buying groceries,” the department said in a news release Nov. 11. “Our goal is to reduce transmission as we head into the holidays so businesses and schools can remain open.”

Illinois has had a statewide mask order since April.

10.) Hawaii: 

Democratic Gov. David Ige signed an emergency order on Nov. 16 to clarify the state’s mask mandate by creating identical requirements across all islands.

While Hawaii has had a statewide mask order in place since April, the rules varied by county, leading to confusion, Hawaii News Now reported. 

“All persons in the State shall wear a face covering over their nose and mouth when in public,” the Nov. 16 proclamation said

Hawaii started allowing all travelers to use proof of a negative COVID-19 test Oct. 15 in lieu of having to quarantine. 

Related: Guide to State Quarantine Rules for Travelers


Things are rapidly racing in the wrong direction, where freedoms are being limited, Constitutional rights are being violated by leaders who swore to uphold and defend the very Constitution they are crapping all over, and the media is once again showing they are the enemy of the people by not calling out these tyrannical and Orwellian mandates.


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