Americans, like the famous downtrodden worm, are starting to turn

By Andrea Widburg

We’ve all noticed that, thanks to the Wuhan virus, the rich have gotten richer. By trapping people in their homes and destroying small business, Democrat governments have allowed oligarchs such as Bezos, Zuckerburg, and Gates, to increase their wealth by exponential amounts. What’s flown under the radar, though, is that for many months, government employees and politicians haven’t shared the people’s pain. In Buffalo, New York, beleaguered business owners finally had enough.

Conservative publications have focused heavily on the fact that leftist cities used the overdose death of an ex-felon as an excuse to “reimagine” policing by destroying it. However, there doesn’t seem to have been the same fallout for those government employees charged with enforcing the lockdowns. Around the world, they are still employed and extremely powerful.

Not all law enforcement officers, of course, are flexing their muscles this way. A Howell, New Jersey police chief went public with his refusal to enforce the Thanksgiving crackdown:

In Fulton County New York, the sheriff refused to enforce Gov. Cuomo’s latest draconian edict:

And in California, sheriffs are resisting enforcing Gov. Newsom’s authoritarian demands.

Bravo to all those men and women who are taking a stand against tyranny.

Still, there are sheriffs and other government workers willing to pretend that America is East Germany and that ordinary people are the enemies of the state. The question is how much longer ordinary people are going to accept this treatment?

In Buffalo, New York, approximately 50 business owners and their supporters had gathered inside a gym to protest New York’s “orange” zone regulations which once again have shut down gyms, salons, and other “nonessential” businesses (as if they’re not essential to people whose livelihoods depend on those businesses).

The Erie County government got word of the meeting and sent over three sheriff’s deputies and a health inspector, all intent upon shutting down the meeting. Instead of the meek compliance law enforcement expects to receive from law-abiding business people, these government minions got serious pushback.

Someone else cried out, “You’re on private property. You have to leave.” “Get out! Get out!” people cried. The health inspector claimed that she had “compassion” for those whose lives are being destroyed, but clearly intended to shut down the gathering. Instead, the crowd chased all four county officials out, telling them to come back with a warrant. The crowd also reminded the deputies that those assembled were not violating any law.

The merchants then started chanting “Get out.” The government workers got the message and left, with the crowd keeping the chant going as they escorted the deputies and health inspector (who was worriedly talking on her phone) not just out of the building but off the property. The crowd’s chant changed to “We will not comply.” Then taking a page out of BLM’s book, someone told law enforcement, “This is a protest.”

Ordinary Americans are angry. While the elite are making money, the political classes still have a job, the leftists are running riot in the street and imagining a reset, and the Democrats are reveling in a stolen election, more than 80 million Americans are getting fed-up. They’ve been locked up, insulted, bankrupted, and now they’ve seen their votes destroyed. They’re mad as Hell and they’re beginning to refuse to take it anymore.

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