News: Sunday, December 23rd, 2018

Kupelian: A rare glimpse of the REAL James Comey.

32 most egregious fake news stories of 2018.

Kovacs: You’ve never heard this about Jesus in the Manger.

Arrest of Chinese ‘princess’ exposes a world domination plot.

Deblasi: Progress is not enough.

Skurkiss: Ruth Bader Ginsburg has lung cancer.

Lebron posts song lyrics about ‘getting Jewish money’ on social media.

Goertz: the Biggest threat to America comes from within.

Sen. Cruz: President Trump will not ‘capitulate’ on $5 billion wall.

Charlie Kirk: Leftists want to destroy Western Civilization. 

Trump forces Jim Mattis out early.

Joondeph: the Swamp is growing deeper.

Brown: Evangelical Christians and the Quandary of politics.

Bialosky: Why am I sad, when I should be happy?

McCullough: Why we know Congressional Democrats are betraying us on the border wall. 

California rejects 2nd Amendment court rulings from other states.

Megapastor unloads on ‘greatest atrocity’ of our time.

Sobieski: Did the media care when Obama fired General Mattis?

8 States blast Phoenix attack on free speech.

Slaving Private Ryan.

Greenfield: Pull out of Syria and Afghanistan and use the money to build a wall.

Tsunami hits without warning in Indonesia, killing 222.

Sweeps away boy band, mid-performance, in Indonesia.

Duke: Restoring Civilization. 

Partial government shutdown likely to extend past Christmas.

Hunter: Will the war for the wall be won?

Root: A Christmas message of hope for Republicans.

Canto Jr.: Our ghost of Christmas future is spending the season in Sweden.

Feldman: About face…Spin.

Venezuelan women forced to sell hair, sex, and breast milk to flee Socialism.

Top envoy to Global Coalition to end Isis is resigning.

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