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Will Dems get away with ‘one of the greatest dirty tricks of all time’?

She finally met the Dad she had never known, then, police say, he killed her.

Hellner: Medicare kills people, and Democrats want to force everyone on it. 

Sodomite raises money for ladders to climb over border wall.

Lebron James: NFL owners ‘Old white men’ with ‘slave mentality’ towards players.

Is Facebook finished?

Study links early puberty in women to chemicals in shampoo, soap, toothpaste.

Moran: Rand Paul issues the ‘Festivus edition’ of the Waste report.  $114 million down the toilet!!!

Hellner: Democrats keep being wrong and demanding we believe them. 

Showalter: Bienvenidos a Mexico: California’s ballot harvesting, sure enough, is borrowed from Mexico. 

How the arrest of a Chinese ‘princess’ exposes world domination plot.

Ludwig: Are Trump-supporters part of a Cult?

Krisinger: Law and Disorder: Time for Mueller to call it quits.

Maitra: How Academia’s unhealthy obsession with diversity creates social unrest.

Moran: GOP and Trump supporter Robert Mercer to cut back on funding Republican Candidates. 

Farah: There is no reasoning with fools.

Karnick: Chinese-Style social credits system a harbinger of US’s future.

Federer: The 1 word which changed the tide of World War 2.

Lopez: What to expect from a Kamala Harris presidency.

Martin: A Tale more popular than Santa Clause?

McMillan: America’s pampered tech titans.

Reagan: Trump’s last chance for a wall.

Wauck: Judge Sullivan’s challenge.

Steinreich: A tale of harrowing, bureaucratic hell.

Lifson: Look who is stepping up in the wake of a planned U.S. withdrawal from Syria. 

Street: Trump warned that a Democrat win would crash the market.

Skurkiss: Farewell to Syria.

Lechter: The place of Chivalry.

Shahbandar: Here’s why Trump made the right decision on the troops in Syria.

Rumor Mill: Trump isn’t  happy about fed interest rate hike and wants to fire Fed Reserve Chief.

Ellis: Dems Christmas gift to Organized Labor: Pink slips.

Imam: Islam ‘not for you’ if you don’t honor violence

Supreme court gets lesson ‘sex’, ‘gender’.

Brown: Boy in drag dances in gay bar, just the next step.

Fontova: Hollywood’s Benicio Del Toro eulogizes Che Guevara in Havana but denounces President Trump as ‘Cruel Monster’.

Marsden: Trump and Putin are upsetting the war hawks.

Showalter: A quarter million foreign thugs deported – Thanks, Trump!

Lepor: US Pullout from Syria, a complete disaster.

McNickle: ‘Not encouraging’ 2018 PSSA results.

Waddy: Trump is proving to be one tough hombre at border.

Blackwell: America’s national character as Christmas truth.

Caught again: Dangerous gang member deported 10 times since 1993, arrested again in Tucson.

McCarthy: The Syria Fairy Tale Lives.

Dougherty: Let’s leave Syria.

Male Miss Universe contestant ‘represented all women’.

Lewis: Life stinks and there is no God.

Moran: Can Trump fire Fed Chairman Powell?

Showalter: So Hollywood has a lot of stars that make their company lose money.

Dear President Trump, Please hold out for the wall, and ignore the lefty hysterics.

It would seem pretty apparent that a nation ought to have borders.   Seem, I said.  However, not everyone in America is rational and reasonable.  So, those who are outside of America who profit off our misery and distress, have hijacked our media, and convinced tens of millions of Americans that having random Joe’s, who haven’t been evaluated at all, streaming over your border is a very good thing.  Further, they have suckered us into believing if you don’t like illegal immigrants in your nation, you are a xenophobic racist, a likely member of the KKK, and a likely Nazi.  Now, besides the fact that the world has 7 billion people, and America has only 330 million, and we can’t help the world out even if we wanted to, what sane person would think unregulated immigration into one’s nation is a good idea? Particularly when we have dead Americans, Americans that have been raped, and Americans losing jobs because of illegal immigration.  It ought to be pretty plain.  But, it’s not about reason.  It’s about power and money.


You see, Dear Reader, there is a lot of power to be had when you are a Democrat politician and you have illegal immigrants who can vote for you, and who you can rob your constituents of their tax dollars and give to illegals.  You see, you can rob America blind, and wipe out the middle class with illegal immigration.  Further, since studies have shown that illegals rarely, if ever assimilate, you can bring an entirely different culture to America, and obliterate America’s Constitution, which means you can make America plastic and compliant and turn it into whatever the plutocrats want her to be.  She is being turned into another hellhole nation, where the strong and the rich rule the weak and the poor, and the average person has no say in the government at all.


The Catholic church is making quite a bit of money off illegal immigration, and so are government bureaucrats, welfare recipients, and other leeches, who can’t find honest work to do, and so have been sucking on the Taxpayer’s teats for decades, and aren’t easily weaned.  Also, even legal immigrants take awhile to assimilate.  My grandmother, bless her dear soul, is a staunch Democrat, and prolly will remain so until she breaths her last breath.  It’s because the only news she is exposed to is the hellivision and the newspapers.  She is such a wonderful woman, and has so many good characteristics, but the media have badly deceived her, and there ought to be a punishment for constantly feeding disinformation to 93 year old widows.  I’m of the opinion that a firing squad isn’t too harsh for the treasonous media, and their wicked puppet-masters.  But, the Democrats and their media don’t care.  Heck, they murder little babies, and if they could, they’d team up with nurses unions and have death panels for the elderly.  They’d preach to us about how humans are such a virus and it’s actually kind and loving to pull the plug, as they greedily filled their wallets.


The future of America is at stake.  According to an article on (may the reader indulge me as a gravely quote myself:)), California is the least educated state in America, and has 2.5 million people who have not completed 9th grade.  That number is larger than the populations of 15 other American states!  Illegal immigration will only make the problem worse.  Our schools are in terrible shape. The schools in my city, Vallejo, have 30% of the 12th graders who graduate being able to do math and English at the 12th grade level! Illegal immigration only adds to the problem with our public schools, as they are overburdened trying to teach kids English who never spoke it before in their lives.  Also, we aren’t even growing as a nation, because women aren’t having babies.  It’s very bad when we  have illegals pouring in, and American women are having children at record lows.


We cannot continue to have a nation where the population is growing the slowest by birth as it has in 80 YEARS, and think continuing to import illegal aliens will not eventually destroy us.  Rome was destroyed by rampant immigration, that eventually overwhelmed her borders.  But, even more importantly, it was her virtue and wisdom that went first and she got into sexual debauchery.  I find it interesting that Democrat’s who oppose a wall, and the control of our nation that it will bring, are the very ones who haven’t got the self control to actually learn our history, who rarely, if ever, have enough self control to abstain from sex completely if they aren’t married, or remain faithful to their spouse if they are married, and avoid masturbation and porn,  and most don’t have the self control to not only abstain from psychotropic drugs completely, but to realize how bad they are for the intellect and call for banning them completely.


You see, Dear Reader, the average Democrat voter has the intellect of a 10  year old, though they can, as Broke Clock just demonstrated, write some pretty flowery nonsense, parroting their lamestream press.  You will never find a Democrat voter who knows their Bible well, who understands history well (both attributes all of our Founders had, along with the following 3), who abstains from all sex outside of marriage (including porn and masturbation), who avoids all psychotropic drugs, and who avoids the hellivision and Hollyweird.  Every last Democrat voter has one or more of these 4 mind warping practices in their lives.  They will say conservatives do too, and they have a point, in that more conservatives today are guilty of these practices than ever before, but not nearly on the scale of Democrats.  So, we see, those who have no self control, do not want national control and a Wall.  Makes sense.  When you can’t discipline yourself, you can’t understand disciplining entry into your nation.  They’d be hypocrites if they supported a wall, because they’d be advocating for discipline in others, when they don’t do it in themselves.  So, President Trump, stand firm.  The Democrats only win elections by deceiving the simple.  Their politicians are a bunch of loudmouthed scoundrels.  Great leaders withstand majority opinions for the sake of what is right.  Besides, only 15% of America fought for the Revolutionary War, and we won.  Trump has at least 50% support from America today, and that’s plenty to withstand the lunatic Democrats and their insane machinations.


I’ll end with Alexander Hamilton in the Federalist #71, where he talks about it being the duty of a ruler to withstand the temporary passions of the multitude, who intend the common good, but do not realize where it will lead.


“There are some who would be inclined to regard the servile pliancy of the Executive to a prevailing current, either in the community or in the legislature, as its best recommendation. But such men entertain very crude notions, as well of the purposes for which government was instituted, as of the true means by which the public happiness may be promoted. The republican principle demands that the deliberate sense of the community should govern the conduct of those to whom they intrust the management of their affairs; but it does not require an unqualified complaisance to every sudden breeze of passion, or to every transient impulse which the people may receive from the arts of men, who flatter their prejudices to betray their interests. It is a just observation, that the people commonly intend the PUBLIC GOOD. This often applies to their very errors. But their good sense would despise the adulator who should pretend that they always reason right about the means of promoting it. They know from experience that they sometimes err; and the wonder is that they so seldom err as they do, beset, as they continually are, by the wiles of parasites and sycophants, by the snares of the ambitious, the avaricious, the desperate, by the artifices of men who possess their confidence more than they deserve it, and of those who seek to possess rather than to deserve it. When occasions present themselves, in which the interests of the people are at variance with their inclinations, it is the duty of the persons whom they have appointed to be the guardians of those interests, to withstand the temporary delusion, in order to give them time and opportunity for more cool and sedate reflection. Instances might be cited in which a conduct of this kind has saved the people from very fatal consequences of their own mistakes, and has procured lasting monuments of their gratitude to the men who had courage and magnanimity enough to serve them at the peril of their displeasure.”

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