Vallejo brainwashing children into Democrat Communism.

Last night, as was my usual habit, I attended the Vallejo city council meeting, which is on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday’s of the month at 7 in the evening.  We do need conservatives to attend and to consistently speak out.   I already knew the City Council was going to try and approve more marijuana for recreational uses and up in Northgate, and it didn’t really matter what the community said, Vallejo’s leadership is convinced Marijuana is a very good idea, and they are dead wrong.  Why is it that practically no voters and our leaders aren’t reading of the bad effects that happen long terms from psychotropic drugs? 

Well, I saw there was a presentation of young people from Vallejo and Jesse Bethel.  I was immediately suspicious, since the city council is dominated by Democrats, and they ruthlessly bully anyone who disagrees with them.   If they can’t run themselves well, what will they do to the kids?  Well, my suspicions were confirmed.  They sent the children to a full scale Marxist indoctrination session, where they train these kids on how America is so bad,  evil, and wicked, and the kids need to learn to suspect Whitey.  That’s the gist of it.   It was called a trip to a League of Cities event.  Very harmlessly and innocuously named.  The website looks wonderful and promising.  But, it’s got all the usual Communist messages.  Visit the Communist party website and it’s pretty much the same stuff, though the League of Cities is careful to try and hide all ties to Socialism and Communism. Can’t have the parents learning their kids are being brainwashed.  But all that glitters is not gold.   If China had paid for American kids to be brainwashed to hate America, the performance could not have been better.  And you should have seen the City Council.  They were unusually ecstatic.  Mayor Sampayan was gleeful and giddy, and Pippin Dew-Costa was elated!!  They were like kids in the candy store as they watched the kids get suckered into hating their nation.  How you can train children to hate the nation that is the bastion for freedom for all nations in the world is a pretty perverse pastime, but these Democrats revel in it.  Of course, the city staff are nearly all Democrats, because if they betray a conservative bent, they would not likely have a job.  So, it’s like being in the emperor’s court, where the emperor and all his hanger’s on hold court.  They hate it when I come because it puts a dent in their festivities, so they quietly and studiously ignore me, and then gossip about me in private.  Not there for their approbation, the affection of the mob is fickle.

But, judge, dear reader, the majority of the city council’s response, and they think it’s funny.  They don’t understand what is wrong with indoctrinating young people.  Read the League of Cities goals and beliefs, and its the usual communist nonsense, there isn’t anything conservative about it.  So, this is a cleverly designed Trojan Horse, which is being smuggled into Vallejo, to destroy our children by weaponizing them against America.  The goals sound kind of noble.

We believe in…

  • Representative, participatory local government. (Sounds nice, but Democrat cities have citizens who don’t understand history, and the schools barely teach kids to read and do math, so you really don’t want these people voting)
  • Local government as the cornerstone of government in the United States.
  • The value of public service.
  • The value of diversity throughout our organization and our communities.
  • Municipal authority over municipal issues.
  • A commitment to the highest ethical standards among all public officials.
  • Civility and mutual respect.
  • Anticipating the needs of communities and developing strategies to meet those needs and improve the quality of life.
  • Partnerships, coalitions and collaborations to strengthen cities and our advocacy efforts.

NLC’s Strategic Plan Goals

  1. Proactively drive federal policy on behalf of cities, on issues that directly impact them.
  2. Promote innovation and provide proven strategies and valuable resources. that address the challenges cities face.
  3. Raise the profile of city governments as key leaders and partners in improving the quality of life for our nation.
  4. Expand the capacity of city officials to serve as ethical, effective and engaged leaders.
  5. Achieve our mission and goals through an organizational structure that is aligned, nimble, accountable and transparent.

Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

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