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We had an internet outage yesterday, and that is why I could not post the news.  However, good news!!  I will now finally be able to post the news by 6 A.M. every single day from now on, beginning tomorrow! Thank you for your patience, and please spread to family and friends.  God bless!


Hayes: Employment and the vote

Corsi sues Mueller for hundreds of millions!

Black: Mueller’s got nothing!

Sobieski: Comey lied!

Showalter: Naked Partisan, Comey’s mask comes off.

Trump: Dems unable to find collusion, now focusing on ‘private transaction’, that’s at worst ‘a civil case, like Obama’s.’.

Cleveland: 6 key takeaways from the Comey Deposition transcript.

Maior: Michael Cohen’s sentencing memorandum is a roadmap for indicting Trump.

SCOTUS gave Planned Murderhood a victory today, thanks to justices Roberts and Kavanaugh.  

Exclusive: Gohmert: Meadows would make an excellent White House chief of staff.

Hakim: Tucker is wrong on this one.

Morabito: How John Taylor Gatto helped parents and children regain our ability to think.  

Ponte: Would Democrats wreck America to win in 2020?

Jesse Lee Peterson: Oscars so gay!  Lessons from Kevin Hart!

Hundreds of allegations in fundamentalist Baptist churches in America.

McCarthy: Why Trump is likely to be indicted by Manhattan U.S. Attorney.

Trump calls hush money payments ‘private transactions’.

Watch: Students want ‘Clarence Thomas’ building renamed.  Then they are asked why.

Good Trump: U.S. ends dependence on foreign oil for first time in 75 years!!

Wall Street Ed. Board to Dems: How can you demand Trump impeachment when you defended Clinton?

Schaper: Americans, learn from the yellow jackets:  Stop running and start fighting back!

Lane: The reform the Senate needs is an end of directly electing Senators.

Greenfield: What the Facebook wars are really about.

Fawstin: Islam got your tongue?

Fontova: Refugee Women and children water cannoned to death near U.S. Border.

Skurkiss: Who is Qanon?

Lifson: California solar mandate to make housing and electricity even more expensive.

3.5 million have dropped off food stamps under Trump.

Michael Savage: Never been a friendlier president for Jewish people than Trump.

Younnokis: Desperately seeking perfection.

Canto Jr.: And now, Lopez-Obrador goes after cartels.

Lifson: As Paris burns, 50,000 rally in Rome in support of populism, defying EU mandarins.

Finch: To bow us to their desires.

Spencer: A book that changes the counter-terror paradigm.

Cook: Chivalry links George H.W. Bush’s legacy with George Washington.

Currie: How the Chinese government might use cell phones to spy on Americans.

Cost: Donald Trump and the imperial presidency.

Curtis: How Wisconsin Republicans tamed the Administrative state.

Morefield: Vox is in a tizzy over William Barr, which means he is the perfect choice.

Medvin: A birthday behind bars.

Schlichter: Vive La French Revolucion 2.0 – and our own.

Macron addresses citizens in emergency speech from Paris, announces reforms.

Comey: Collusion isn’t a crime and it’s weird the media even uses it as a term.

GRADESTRIKE: Teachers with hold grades, to protest confederate monument.

Youtube bans former CRTV host, Gavin McInnes

Martin: Iran’s continuing misinformation campaign.

War drills fill skies of Nevada with American war planes.

Brain transparency? Leading expert cautions against losing job over thoughts?

Senior Chinese Military official urges plan to attack U.S. Naval vessels.

Foolish Bernstein sez “Trump is cornered”


Bezos earns more in 30 seconds than average worker makes in a year.

Russia dispatching bombers to Venezuela.

‘We’re going to kill you’, Nicaragua’s brutal crackdown on press freedom.

Zumwalt: The great divide between Muslim, Non-muslim human rights.

Cohen: Silicon Valley morphing into morality police.

Farah: Psycho professor says God preyed on Mary.

SCOTUS expert: Politics strongly influences judges decisions.

Morally bankrupt Meryl Streep says she is scared of Trump.

Police shooting of hero with gun sparks call for national dialogue!

Swallowed up: Is Iran facing divine retribution?

Ex-Communist nation poised to revert to past.

Kittle: The Walker years, an unprecedented time of reform and taxpayer victories.

Levoritz: Borders are like boundaries.

Toplansky: White privilege and illegal immigration.

Lifson: Macron facing a crisis he created by baiting Trump.

Moran: Workers will take their case to SCOTUS to recoup dues money.

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