News, Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

‘Men have forgotten God’, Solzhenitsyn’s 1983 Templeton Address

Alexiev: The other Solzhenitsyn

Pullman: The Feminist life script makes women miserable, don’t be suckered by it.

Brown: The real road to Fascism

Joondeph: Trump Derangement syndrome done under.

Schaper: Human wrongs perpetrated against Christians… Canada.

Victor Davis Hanson: The dangers of Asymmetry

Farah: The Kavanaugh betrayal.

Knight: The great leveling can’t put out all the lights.

Buchanan: Hatred of Trump in an unserious nation.

Jackson: Kevin Hart and the left’s war on heterosexuality.

Tomczak: 8 life lessons to make next year your best  year.

Massie: Let’s put Mueller and his hacks under oath.

Moore: The Bush tax hike betrayal.

Brown: 12 truths from the Bible about homosexuality.

Google goes to Washington.

Rights groups turns up pressure on Google over China censorship

‘The Guardians’: Time’s ‘2018 person of the year’ is persecuted journalists.

Paris Dennard speaks out for first time after being suspended by CNN: CNN/WaPo tried to destroy me, they will fail. 

Nichols: The Hoax of Climate Change.

Stone: The real border crisis is about immigrants gaming America’s asylum laws.

The Transformed Wife: Going against the Titus 2 mandate.

Marcus: Democrats would be insane to impeach Donald Trump.

Hemingway: Media conventional wisdom on Russia investigation is uninformed and idiotic.

Murchison: The coming collision.

Dershowitz: Media would call investigation ‘witch hunt’ if Bill Clinton paid off Paula Jones.

DeSanctis: Health Care doesn’t kill

Judges called out for favoring Obama’s orders over Trumps.

Texas bill would allow Ten Commandments in Classrooms

Google employees sought to block Breitbart from ads.

Stephen Curry believes moon landing was faked.

Trump ok’s $750 billion defense budget.

No on May’s Brexit deal, no on May.

Kearns Goodwin, ‘No joy in White House, Trump might resign’.  Had no criticism of worst President in American history, Obama.

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