News, Saturday, December 8th, 2018

Dear reader, there are some glitches being worked out on getting the news completed by 6 A.M. PDT, daily.  Thank you again for your patience.  Have never tried to create daily news and have it done by 6 in the morning every day, 7 days a week, without being paid a cent for my efforts, but it’s totally worth it.  In the absence of reliable news, today’s American is becoming hopelessly brainwashed, and is unbelievably naive and gullible.  Thank you, have a wonderful Saturday!  Ciao!  Ryan

War in Paris!  Riots rock city!

Photos of Chaos in Paris!

Trump weighs in: End bogus Paris Accords, return money to people.

Clashes in Belgium, Netherlands too!

Rush on Presidential Palace!

Paris is burning over climate change taxes.  Is America next!?

Feds Ok’d sale of top secret satellite tech to China!

Klayman: H.W. Bush vs. the Donald.

Walter Williams: Miseducated or stupid?

Logis: Deconstructing the anti-gun cult.

Gornoski: the Russia probe is about criminalizing peace.

Kupelian: Bush 41 coverage reveals 2 faced media.

Ellis: Ayn Rand, Communism, and China.

Your time is up!  South Africa sets timeline for white farmer land grabs.  March 2019.

Trump: I’m clear, no collusion!

Unhinged O’Donnell: Trump must be impeached!

Corn: Russia scandal most consequential political scandal in American history.  It is, because the Democrats subverted an election for the first time ever.  

Newly elected Muslima Democrat: ‘I truly believe Trump is a racist’.  

Lying dimbulb Cohen: Donald Trump is a criminal enterprise.

Corrupt Garamendi: Seems like Trump will be indicted.

O’Sullivan: Teresa May’s centrist conspiracy to undermine Brexit.

GOP fails conservative voters by failing to defund Planned Murderhood.

Hayes: A survival strategy for conservatives.

Timperlake: No way out for Clinton, Inc. corruption this time.

Birdnow: The vision thing, a past president’s Achilles Heel.

Showalter: Trump gives the hook to ‘nasty, rotty’ school cafeteria food.

Ferrara: Big government overregulation threatens small business lifeblood of economy.

Read: House transcript of the interview of Crooked Comey.

McCarthy:  A home run by Trump.

Comey under fire for his crooked role in bias, hiding Clinton e-mail culpability.

Ocasio-Cortez threatens to retaliate against Trump Jr. over meme, internet explodes with ethics violation charges.

She was triggered by a meme!!

Called a B**** by conservative commentator, provoking uproar.

F*** you leakers, Google’s number one priority is to stop internal info from getting out.

Mocking her naivete and massive ignorance could backfire.

Smith: Why the Dems will not impeach Trump

Brown: I repent of my insensitivity and white privilege.

White House Press legend and 41.

U of Pittsburg cited for trying to ban Ben Shapiro talk.

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