Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

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Florida Governor Candidate DeSantis: Civics ignorance led to Ocasio-Cortez win.

Federer: Booker T. Washington: Advice for everyone.

Top ten cities for homelessness in America, all run by Democrats.

Massie: No group more evil: White Progressives.

Victor Davis Hanson: Origins of our second Civil War.

Chalk: Don’t let your kids waste their summers and lives on video games, like I did.

Analysis: Here are the stunning tax hikes required to pay for single payer healthcare’s $32.6 trillion price tag.

Wildfires barrel toward California lake towns.

Threaten 10,000 homes.

Firefighters battling fatigue.

Record breaking heat brings unprecedented destruction.

Video shows massive fire cloud.

Fifty Years on, warnings on contraception have been proven correct.

Marcus: All hands on deck for Operation midterm.

Solway: Is there a cure for the modern university?

Rail: Doing what we must.

Watch: Armed man tells cops to ‘leave me alone’ before being fatally shot.

Raleigh: China’s latest vaccine scandal illustrates the dangers of socialized medicine.

Lowry: The battle over socialism is joined.

Buchanan: Will America again see secession?

Dr. Vliet: SCOTUS, the Constitution, and your health

Dunaway: Goals of socialism, Christianity, irreconcilable.

Margolis: The left is working overtime to normalize fascism.

Media workforce down 23% in last decade.

Smith: Poor Facebook.

RIP Ron Dellums: Anti-American, Pro-Communist to the end.

Ahistorical Lebron sez ‘ feels like we are going back to slavery or Jim Crow’.  Funny how that works when you are making hundreds of millions, and no one in slavery or Jim Crow ever had your riches. 

Ebenhack: Trump vs. The NY Times.

Patriotism: The secret of Trump’s success.

Levin: Interrupt Obama and reporters are racist, interrupt Trump and they’re heroes.

Reprobate Durbin calls on Nielsen to resign over immigrant separations. 

House prepared to hold Rosenstein in contempt.

Giuliani: It’s time for Mueller to put up or shut up.

FBI still has relationship with discredited SPLC.

Cooke: The unserious face of an unserious movement. 

Whatever happened to Obama’s ‘unmasking probe’?

Hollywood star to Joy Behar: Move to a socialist country.

Coulter: Trump’s numbers through the roof if he does just one thing.

Texas: Muslim immigrant kills Christian son-in-law.

New video game: Shoot the unborn baby.

DOJ deal to post 3D printer gun plans online in crosshairs.

Prager: Why millennials don’t have hobbies.

Moore: Trump’s trade triumph.

Tomczak: 4 things Spurgeon would have said in a podcast.

DeSanctis: Progressive reactions to the religious liberty task force: Prove we need it.

N. California wildfire 9th most destructive ever.

Jackson: Black professor projects  her own racism onto Trumpsters.

Shapiro: Boys and girls are different, let’s celebrate that.

Crypto ‘Assassination’ market let’s users bet on whether or not Trump will be killed.

The rise and fall of Paul Manafort.

Ninth circuit: Trump supporters brutalized by liberal mob, can still sue San Jose police department.

McAleer: Michael Moore and his ever changing lies.

Kataline: Donald Trump is dragging kicking and screaming down the road to prosperity and peace.

Root: Everyone hates Trump.

Thomas: What’s not to like about Trump’s policies.

Trump taunts fake news, when I’m gone, you’re ratings will crash.

Andrea Mitchell compares Trump to Josef Stalin, calls his attacks on press ‘very dangerous’.

Lebron: Trump using sports to divide us, I would never sit across from him.

Minneapolis police under fire for fatal shooting of black man; new report reveals suspect fired at officers.

Woman discovers husband renewed porn subscription, then she gets her gun.

It’s war, Trump slams ‘total joke’ Koch brothers, mocks them as ‘overrated’.

China’s Latest Vaccine Scandal Illustrates The Dangers Of Socialized Medicine

Konrad: The return of the Valkyrie.

Chantrill: The enlightened superstitions of Stephen Pinker.

McCarthy: Alysin Camerota is from Mars, Rudy Giuliani is from earth.

Rail: The ever receding Socialist Paradise.

Hakim: Off with their security clearances.

McSwain: The latest concept liberals don’t get.

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