Monday, July 30th, 2018

NY Slimes publisher complains to Trump about ‘potential’ violence against journalists – ignores over 500 violent attacks on Trump supporters.

NY Slimes millennial publisher, whines ‘Stop calling us fake news’.

Imani: Robert Spencer’s ‘History of Jihad’ opens eyes.

Moran: The collective American media are mentally ill.

Perkins: The FBI, Hillary’s computers, and the Russians.

Vicious War on freedom loving media gets hot.

Federer: How persecution led to religious freedom.

James Dobson warns Christians to vote – or lose freedoms.

Schaper: Trump will continue to prove the president wrong, here’s why.

Hawkins: 5 reasons why Hillary Clinton was the worst presidential nominee in American history.

Nunes: American people ‘will be shocked’ when they read redacted portion of FISA application.

Knight: On the run at  UVa

Trump’s fight against deranged lamestream media intensifies.

Pompeo: U.S. will oppose China’s play for regional dominance.

Feinstein, other Senate Dems have plan on Brett Kavanaugh, stall.

Dem race baiters fraud Blumenthal: ‘Americans should be really angry’ about Trump’s ‘consciously and purposefully inflicted cruelty’ on immigrants.

Krumholz: The Facts behind the Trump Tower meeting are incriminating, but not for Trump.

Schlichter: Millennial Socialism: Stupid, evil, or both.

Adler: De Leon’s nightmare tax program for the wealthy.

Morefield: Pastor Robert Jeffress, Christians, and ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’, Reality Vs. Rhetoric.

Nazaryan: Fantasyland.

Murray: the Savagery of Isis.

Geraghty: The liberal faith in the inevitability of impeachment.

Watch: Cory Booker’s split personality.

Lifson: Iranian economy collapsing

Cost: Why a Democratic wave in November looks likely.

Armstrong: The SCOTUS is destroying national unity.

McKinley: Twitter banned me for ‘hate speech’ when I opposed trans troops, honor killings.

Braunstein: Lawyers seven miscarriages lead to infertility memoir everyone needs to read.

Calder: Women are worse off in ‘democrat socialist countries’.

Dems plan to crack down on big tech.

Trump demands funding to build the wall faster.

Ginsburg, one of the worst SCOTUS justices in history, suggests she will clog up SCOTUS for five more years.

Study: Medicare for all projected to cost $32.6 trillion.

MSNBC legal expert: Cohen flipping puts Trump one witness away from catastrophe.

Justice Department creates religious liberty task force.

Ledeen: Why the CNN reporter ban doesn’t bother me.

Illegal aliens in court over bad burritos, cold soup.

Feds: New rules needed for Jetson’s like flying cars.

D’Souza’s new film claims Democrats once too racist for Nazi’s.

Joondeph: Michael Cohen already exonerated Trump.

Blackwell: Unleashing America’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Thau: Once upon a time, small business made America great.

Peterson: The Republican party, not much of a horse, but the only one in the corral. 

Bargo Jr.: How Mitch McConnell stole the 2016 congressional elections.

Showalter: Greece’s fire disaster another gift of socialism.

Straker: NH working hard to make state less white.

Club for growth targets female voters in McCaskill race.

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