Sunday, May 27th, 2018

 U.S. Navy warships in “serious incident” with China after sailing into disputed waters.

Robinson arrested outside London Court, immediately jailed for 13 months, media blackout!! His crime?  Reporting on a Muslim rape trial.   

Judith Reisman: Rape rates up 233% since 1960, due to Kinsey Report in 1948 and legalization of porn in 1969, rape definition changed.

Reisman: Juvenile crime arrest rate up 215% from 1965-1996, most sex Ed started in 1965.  

Hate from your own race.

Farrakhan changing his opinion of Trump.

Watch: A lush has too much adult beverage leading to high tempers at high altitudes.

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt: Obama claims his administration had no scandals.  Media agrees.

Shoppers step over bodies at Hogg led Publix protest. Cleanup in produce!

Media blackout as anti Islamist activist jailed in England for reporting on Muslim rape.

5 ways to know if you can discuss climate with someone.

Heartbreaking video: 22 week old preemie twins die in their mothers arms.  Doctors refuse to help.  Mothers anguished cries, “Mommie tried, Mommie tried”.

Windy City Misery!  23 shot and four dead halfway through Memorial Day weekend in Democrat Murder Capital of America.


Trump: Talks on N. Korea summit on June 12th going “very, very well”

Bush relative admits to violently attacking family member. 

Democrats go all out to avoid disaster in California house races. 

Ireland ends abortion ban.

Activist against Muslim rapists sentence to thirteen months of jail hours after arrest.  Massive free speech attack.

Waiting list hits U.K. transgender clinic.  Thousands of children referred, some as young as four.

Leftwing campus that booted whites reaps unintended consequences.

Campus “Bias incident response team” chills free speech 

Christians beat homeowners association in Bible study dispute.  

Hair braid fight going to SCOTUS.

Advocate for Chinas girls warns about “end” to two child policy.

Farrah: If you are a bot, please say yes.

Rights, yes, but what about responsibility?

Chicoms set to take over America’s largest port.

Treasonous Chelsea urges Brits to protest the President of her own nation.

Hunter: Liberals put the F in NFL.

Bialosky: Of course Obama knew about the spying on the Trump campaign.

Root: Its time to impeach the President!

Saunders: Commencement season 2018.

McCullough: Dear Democrats, Trump actually loves his country.

Feldman: The Great unmasking 

Powell: The big picture behind Memorial Day. 

Gabriel: Pretend Iran is Israel.

Schmitt: Marjory Stoneman Douglas Revelation.

Did you know that President Trump stood on concrete in the hot sun and shook the hand of every single Naval Academy graduate?

Best-selling Book: Reasons to vote Democrat!

West Hollywood Mayor who gave keys to the city to Stormy Daniels, settled a lawsuit over his homosexual relationship and harassment of a top aide with $500,000 of taxpayers money!

Childless Macron and May celebrate Irish abortion legalization vote.

Holder tells DOJ to rebel against the Constitution, ignore the President. 

Union leaders upset over Trump executive orders to weed out under performing federal employees.

Popularity of the name “Muhammad” in Europe among newborns is an element of Jihad. 

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