The Amazon show “Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets” is a lie, women. The entire agenda is to discredit biblical teaching on God’s authority structure, sexual purity, homeschooling, biblical roles for men and women, protecting children from worldly influences, accepting children as blessings, and disciplining children. They made all of these look wicked and lead to abuse. They also made false accusations against Gothard and the Pearls. They said that they promoted spanking children even when they were adults and support domestic discipline in marriage. “If a wife doesn’t call her husband ‘lord,’ there must be a consequence so inflict pain until the wife complains.” This is so completely false! Neither of these men promote this. If they did, they would have had clips of these men saying these things, but they didn’t because there aren’t any.

I carefully listened to the many clips they had of Gothard speaking. I didn’t hear him say anything that was heretical or out of line. Yes, he had convictions about modesty, allowing God to have control of your womb, homeschooling, protecting your children, and many other things that were common among most Americans before the 1950s. He saw how wicked our culture was becoming and taught parents to protect their children from it. Many were raised with his teachings and turned out great. Our culture sure isn’t turning out many great children now; that’s for sure. (Please understand, I am not condoning his behavior that caused him to resign from the ministry, and I don’t know all that he taught.)

 Most of the people who spoke on the show probably had abusive parents which they blamed on Pearl and Gothard. Amy, a Duggar cousin, seemed to have rebelled against the Lord a long time ago. Derrick and Jill were on the show. I don’t know where they are with their faith but accusations were made about Jim Bob owing them money. There’s always two sides of the story, and we have no idea what Jim Bob’s side is.

These people claimed that Gothard’s teaching gave women no rights and that children are to be taught “instant obedience.” They weren’t allowed to go to dances or wear jeans. There were no TVs or radios. They accused the Duggar children of never arguing and being meek and mild, and the parents were peaceful. For some reason, these were bad things? The daughters were raised to do the cooking and cleaning and help with the younger siblings.

They hate the umbrella of protection authority picture with God over all, then the husband, then the wife, and finally the children. They also thought it was wrong for these men to be against public education. They didn’t like that they focus upon character qualities and teach servanthood. ALL of these things that they spoke against Gothard and Pearls can easily be convictions people hold from their study of the Bible!

The show showed a clip of Jill and Jessa being interviewed by Megan Kelly many years ago after the Josh Duggar incident came out. Both girls said they didn’t even know it happened. Their parents told them about it after Josh confessed. They adamantly said that Josh was not a pedophile or sexual pervert (at that time). They were distraught that all of this was exposed to the media. Jill didn’t update anything she had said in that interview, but you can clearly see that she holds bitterness towards her parents now which is sad. (I absolutely do not support Josh and his recent allegations and imprisonment.)

None of the other siblings are supporting Jill and her new book coming out in January that I can see. In fact, one Duggar son was defending his parents in the comment section and was viciously attacked by many. Time will tell, but it seems the rest of the siblings are walking in the faith and have come to their own convictions. Their marriages seem strong, and they seem joyful. I am sure they are heartbroken about Josh and pray daily for true repentance and belief.

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.
3 John 1:4

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