Avoiding 5G Radiation (& Wifi 6)

If you have a new phone it is almost certainly emitting dangerous 5G. You can turn off the 5G band, although it may not fully protect you from 5G radiation, tests need to be done.

  • Go into your phone settings and switch off 5G and switch it down to 4G. You will not notice a speed difference, because 5G companies are not really sending 5G speeds, and won’t for many years.
  • Always keep your phone away from your face when you talk. Do not put it to your ear. (Medical evidence has shown that since cell phones were invented, brain cancer has skyrocketed.)
  • Keep your phone on airplane mode at all times it is not in use.
  • Use wifi at home while on airplane mode – or if you can, you could even use a USB-C to Ethernet adapter and it should work on your phone too.
  • Consider alternate communication that uses the internet instead of cellular (such as telegram, signal, viber, google voice, etc); in this way you can communicate over wifi while still on airplane mode.
  • Shut off your phone at night and move it several feet away from you. As a bonus, I do this every night to help keep myself from using it too late. When I should go to sleep, I shut off my phone and devices. If you need an alarm, try the traditional method – an alarm clock.
  • Stay away from 5G towers. They emit huge amounts of 5G radiation that far exceed the legal limit. They are illegal. But so was the rollout.

Other sources of mmWave: Wifi 6

  • New laptops, tablets, and PCs use mmWave bands in their wifi card. This means your laptop or pc may be emitting mmWave and cooking you. Keep in mind it’s pointed at your reproductive area.
  • New Wifi 6 or greater routers are cooking you with extremely high-powered mmWave radiation.
  • It’s best to get an older router that is Wireless-N, which is plenty fast and can handle gigabit wifi, or, if you have to, Wireless-AC, which is more powerful and therefore more harmful. Avoid all Wifi-6 or more routers.
  • At all times when possible, use an ethernet cable. I have a USB-C to Ethernet adapter which I use at all times possible, always when at home. I switch my wifi card OFF on my laptop.
  • If you have a desktop, keep it hardwired with an ethernet cable.
  • Do not use wireless headphones.

Bonus tips:

  • Do not get mammograms.
  • Do not get any cancer “screenings” (that’s how they get their victims).
  • Do not get ultrasounds/sonograms, it is known to cause harm to a fetus.
  • Do not get x-rays. Opt out.
  • Avoid airports whenever possible (they say you get more exposure waiting in line for the 5G x-ray machine then even from the scan itself). Just hurry through as quick as possible.
  • Do not sleep near an electrical junction box or fuse box. Some apartments have them in the same room – relocate your bed to the other side and cover it with foil, or better yet, a lead sheet.
  • If you have a smart meter, stay as far away as you can. Cover it with a smart meter mesh if you can.
  • Put your router in a mesh faraday cage to reduce the power as much as 99%, while not affecting your signal. Routers emit huge amounts more radiation than necessary.
  • Shut off your router at night. Your internet company will advise you against it, but I did it every night for years, and never once has any problems with internet. I used a remote electrical switch and it uses infrared to switch it on at the push of a button (like a TV remote, only emits when you push the button). This way it is convenient to turn off and on the internet every night and morning – or whenever I actually need the internet.
  • Don’t get in or near a Tesla. They emit huge amounts of radiation.
  • Don’t stand in front of a microwave while it is cooking. Stay at least a few feet away to the side.

Ultra-bonus tips (not so easy but possible)

  • Move out to the country away from the city.
  • Use a service to deliver your groceries. Could be worth the time savings, but also you avoid 5G that is installed in stores.
  • Avoid hospitals, sports stadiums and arenas, and schools. They have 5G.
  • Use lead-based paint. It will block some radiation.
  • Get an older car. Bonus is it’s cheaper and also cheaper to maintain. New cars have a lot of computers. Some even broadcast bluetooth, wifi, and other radiation 24/7.

You can’t avoid radiation 100%, but you sure can do a lot to reduce your exposure.


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