Jinger Duggar is coming out with a new book about her “harmful and damaging” childhood” which had “lasting effects” which caused her to be “fearful and confused who Jesus was.” She was interviewed by People Magazine. I took notes so I could make this post true to exactly what she said. She gave no praise or thankfulness to her parents, only condemnation in how they raised her. Her sister, Jill, and her cousin, Amy, are the only ones who praised her on her Instagram. Both of these women also came out against the ways Jim Bob and Michelle raised their children.

Jinger said with the help of her brother-in-law, who I assume is Derrick, Jill’s husband, she was able to see clearly many things that were wrong about her childhood. She realized that Bill Gothard was not a Bible teacher. I went to one of his week long conferences when I was in high school. It was like a breath of fresh air to me! All my friends in high school were fornicating and some were even having abortions. Alcohol and drugs were rampant. Most were from divorced homes. Yes, I know all about what he has been accused of doing, and he was most likely NOT the right man to teach the things he did but the churches sure were not teaching anything to help the youth be protected from the escalating wickedness in our generation.

She claimed his teachings were based on “fear, superstition, not knowing what God expected of you…The fear kept me crippled with anxiety…I had to wear dresses only to be pleasing to God…If I stepped out of this, God will be so displeased with me that I could bring harm on myself.” She talked about the music they were required to listen to, the friendships they should have, and the courtship standards and that dating could lead nowhere good. She had a chaperone when courting Jeremy with no kissing before marriage. She believed these were the “only way to success in life.” Plus, she was taught that drinking alcohol and using birth control were wrong.

Now, she lives in Los Angeles and called it a “busy, awesome place.” She doesn’t want to shelter her children from other “perspectives on life” and that “God never tells us to do this…If our girls want to go to college, we’ll encourage that…see what career they want to do. I’m good with that. That’s different than the setting we grew up in.”

On her Instagram post about this, one woman responded: “With all kindness, if it wasn’t for your family and your upbringing, you would have no platform. Your family was on TV and attracting a huge following of Christian people who wanted to see other wholesome families. Whether it was genuine or not, that’s what was the appeal. You and your husband have used that popularity to gain interest in your lives and create your new ‘brand.’ Honestly, you have only become more worldly and distant from your original fan base. Those that cheer you on now are NOT the people who gave you your platform. They are the same people who mocked your family and all families with deeply held Christian beliefs. They will applaud you moving further away from those values and becoming exactly the same as every other social media influencer who needs constant validation from this worldly culture! The only One who needs to know your story, already does.”

I agree with her. Her parents raised their children in the way they were convicted their children should go. Everything they taught their children can be backed by Scripture. God gives commands such as women dressing modestly, discreetly, and being shamefaced, so her parents believed that wearing dresses to the knees obeyed this command. God commands sexual purity before marriage, so her parents didn’t want her alone with a man before marriage and felt that not becoming intimate (not even kissing) would help them reach the goal of sexual purity. They were careful what friends their children had since God warns us that bad company corrupts good morals. He commands we mark and avoid false teachers and false doctrines, not listen to other’s “perspectives on life” which are most likely worldly.

Jim Bob and Michelle were simply trying to protect their children from this darkening, wicked world and raise their children to live in obedience to God. This is what all of us are called to do! We may have different convictions but they should all be based solely upon God’s Word and His commands with no worldly influence at all. No, drinking alcohol isn’t a sin but there are far more warnings against drinking alcohol than any saying it’s okay. What about birth control? Margaret Sanger is the one who brought the birth control mentality to this land which has ended the lives of over 64 million unborn babies and has led to rampant fornication, divorce, and even couples deciding to not have children. I respect those who trust God with their wombs. I sure don’t condemn them.

We must be as wise as serpents and innocent as doves, women. We must raise our children in the nurture and the admonition of the Lord. What disturbs me most about this interview and Jinger’s new book is that she has thrown her parents under the bus in a most public way. The world is rejoicing! They love seeing the downfall of believers. They love that Jinger is now wearing short shorts and “living free” from the constraints her parents put upon her. I am not. It saddens me. Her parents don’t deserve this. They should be honored as God commands us to honor our parents. They weren’t abusive. They were cheerful and fun. I watched every TV show of theirs. Those children had wonderful lives! Yeah, some of Jinger’s thinking was bad. So? Most of us had some bad thinking in our childhoods, but it doesn’t mean we have to expose it publicly and make a mockery of the way we were raised.

For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world; Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ; Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.
Titus 2:11-14



Written By Audrey Broggi “Mothering From the Heart”

I’ve been talking with a lot of young women recently about mothering and I was reminded of a letter a young woman wrote to me some years back. Perhaps her question and my answer will encourage you:

Struggles with the Calling

She asked: “Do you honestly feel as though every woman will LOVE mothering? My sister struggles. She loves her children, she loves her family, but she doesn’t love the job of mothering. I know older ladies that gave their children their all, but they are glad that season is over with. They don’t miss the diapers, the dirty dishes, or constant laundry….but they were diligent and committed during that season.”

I answered:

First of all, the issue is not that all women LOVE mothering. Although most women possess an instinctive love for their children and will mother them, God tells us in His Word that the kind of love we are to have must be taught. Secondly, if I had some time with your sister, I would ask her why she struggles. And I would listen to her answer. Then I would ask if there is a misplaced longing to be somewhere other than where God has placed her.

See, I really believe that one of the reasons so many young women struggle with “wifing” and mothering is because we want so many other things. Husband and baby get in the way. Women want it all.

Please understand, there is nothing wrong with pursuing interests – seriously – there isn’t. BUT, interests can be set aside – they can wait or they can be done/pursued in a woman’s spare time. A mother has to remember that her family can’t be managed in her spare time, nor is mothering an interest or a hobby. If we invest too much of our time in our interests, our families will suffer.

Here’s the thing – if you have a husband and children, they are your ministry.  They are your fulltime job and a fulltime job cannot be done properly in a woman’s spare time. Mothering is not a hobby; it is a calling. If God has given children to you, then you are called to be a mother. Period. And if we struggle with the calling, we have to ask God to give us the heart for His calling in our lives. We have to ask Him to give us undivided hearts.

Yes, there are struggles with any calling and/or job. I immediately think of Jonah whom God called to go to Ninevah but he did not want to go. His struggle with his calling didn’t relieve him of his responsibility or his obedience to God. God said go. God put that calling on his life. And we know from his story, that Jonah didn’t love preaching or calling the people to repentance. Yet, that’s the very assignment God gave to him.

Most women, I believe, just need a fresh perspective about this high and holy calling. God never promised us that being a wife or mother or homemaker would be easy. What job is? I mean, really? In fact, God’s curse on women was in these very areas. God didn’t change His plan because Eve sinned. She’d still be a helper to her husband and mother to children, yet now these areas in her life would bring struggle.

This is the VERY REASON God says that young women must be taught even to love their husbands and children. This is the very reason older women are supposed to know doctrine as it relates to home and family. Temperaments have nothing to do with it. I constantly have to bring my feelings, attitudes, and selfishness under the scrutiny of God’s Word. He is the One Who gave this calling to women, not me.

I am a sinful, fallen woman who wants what I want, yet God hasn’t given up on me. Satan is always there tempting women to place everything and anything above His calling even good, spiritual things. He hates EVERYTHING God loves. He wants to ruin EVERYTHING God planned. We have to decide if we want to cooperate with God or the evil one.

If you have children, mothering them God’s way is your calling. God is the author of life. He is the One Who opens and closes the womb even though we think we have it all under control.

He wants His people to raise a godly heritage and once again this job, this responsibility cannot be done in our spare time.

And please understand, just because a woman is past the diapering, dirty dishes, constant laundry stage in her own life (though frankly, I don’t know if that ever ends unless you isolate yourself from people), doesn’t mean that any of those tasks are demeaning or beneath her. Those very things are humble service; a way to demonstrate to our families what Jesus taught when He poured water into the basin, began to wash the disciples’ feet, and to wipe them with the towel with which He was girded. He took off his own towel to wash their feet.

Women have far too long wanted the place of honor rather than humble service. Yet, it is in the home where we learn to be like Jesus. Any woman can be super-spiritual with her Christian girlfriends at a women’s retreat or at church. But the rubber meets the road in the home. I could teach on this the rest of my life and still not even scratch the surface.

~ Audrey Broggi (and I plan to continue teaching these principles as long as God gives me breath)

The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children.
Titus 2:3,4