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This may One of the final pieces that I write, as the tech companies are now ruthlessly censoring entire websites. I expect it’s a matter of weeks or months before they deplatform this website.

I would like to write about a mistake that I’ve made over my entire 41 years. That mistake is in listening to news sources that are disinformation. It has only been in the last two years, that I realize that both the Democrat and Republican media are both controlled. YouTube, Twitter, Google, Facebook, Instagram are all controlled by the bankers who own the federal reserve.

After spending 2015 through about 2018 on conservative websites like Drudge Report, Breitbart, Daily Wire, City Journal, Gateway Pundit, WND, Epoch Times, Natural News, I suddenly discovered, to my great shock, that I was banned from all these websites that I had been talking about and sharing for three years. What was I banned for? I was banned for criticizing the owners of the Federal Reserve, who happened to be Talmudic Jews, though most Jews are not involved in this. They spend billions of dollars defending themselves against any public criticism, with elaborate campaigns designed to viciously attack millions of people like me who tell the truth about them, ruthlessly libeling us as “anti-Semites, Hitler, Nazis, white supremacists, haters, Bigots”.

It was a very hard lesson for me to learn, and to see that for three years I put my faith in new sources that had only been deceiving me all along. What was even worse, was I had turned to them after realizing the local newspapers like the Vallejo Times Herald, and the national newspapers like the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Contra Costa Times, the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Sacramento Bee, and the television stations like CBS, CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, Fox, Hollyweird, celebrities, and sports stars were all controlled by the bankers. Only to find out, that the bankers had very cleverly set up opposition to their institutions, so they could control both sides again, as they’ve been doing for centuries.

However, though most humans try to avoid suffering like the plague, suffering is redeeming. We learn through anguish and suffering. Some of the lessons about the media that I have learned are as follows.

When you see a media source, follow the money. Who funds it? Where do they get their money? Who are the owners, and what is their ideology? What are the moral values of the owners of this media? Do the moral values of the owners of this media align with the constitution and the king James version Bible which are the guidelines that America’s founders used to shape our nation?When you see a very popular channelOn YouTube, ask yourself, why is that channel allowed and promoted by YouTube, and millions of others are censored? Do you think that channel might be popular because YouTube wants you to see that so that YouTube has you thinking the way YouTube want you to think?What about a Google search? Does Google have algorithms that direct you to search results that cause you to see what Google wants you to see so that you will do what Google wants you to do? We already know the answer to that, the answer is yes, Google does have algorithms that direct you where Google wants you to go. Another key indicator, is when you comment on the website and you criticize the small group of Talmudic Jewish bankers who own the federal reserve, are you censored? Do you think there is a problem when Breitbart, Daily Wire, Jim Hoft, Ben Shapiro, Drudge Report, City Journal , FrontPageMag, and WND are all talking about free speech and the First Amendment, and yet if you criticize Israel, or the Talmudic Jewish bankers who own the Federal Reserve, they censor you? Also, does it appear very strange to anyone else, that the owners of the federal reserve are Talmudic Jews, and the owners of the left-wing media and the right wing media are Talmudic Jews? Doesn’t it appear that the owners of the Federal Reserve are giving money to people who have their ideology?

Another aspect to consider when examining news, is what is the stance of the news towards Israel? When you deeply research where Israel actually came from, which most Americans either don’t, or have been propagandized into the wrong version of what actually happened, you realize that Israel is a fraud. Certainly, many Jews have a feeling of affection for a land that was definitely lived on by the original 12 tribes. However today’s Israel, does not obey the Torah, and is not at all obedient to Moses or his commands. Nowhere in the New Testament, is it spoken of that Israel will be restored as a nation. Christ prophesied that Israel and Jerusalem specifically would be destroyed, and the Roman emperor Titus did exactly that in the year 70 AD.

So when you see conservative media that is more passionate about Israel than they are about America, yet they claim to have the rights of American people at heart, they are lying. Our nation was not created to be the babysitter of foreign nations. Israel was founded upon a lie, and in actuality they stole land from Arabs and Christians who were harshly evicted from their land and had their land stolen from them.

Notice, how Democrats and Republicans have a funny tendency to suddenly flock together whenever Israel or the owners of the Federal Reserve are criticized. That’s because the owners of the Federal Reserve control both sides.

You would think that a nation that has experienced such slavery in its history, as Israel has over 6000 years many times, would not turn around and try to enslave other human beings, but you would be wrong. Again, it must be emphasized that most Jews are not involved in this, but that Zionism and Communism are both funded by the Talmudic Jewish owners of the United States Federal Reserve. These people spy on all of us with our cell phones, track us with our social security numbers, and steal from us with the income tax, while we cannot see them, nor do we even know who they are.

For further understanding, it would be wise to read Henry Ford’s profound “the International Jew”. Of course, the media controlled by the Talmudic Jews, called Henry Ford an “anti-Semite”. A good rule of thumb is, whoever the media hates and reviles, is probably your friend, and whoever they love and adore, is probably your enemy. And, dear reader, if you protest against having your money stolen by the income tax, or the murder, theft, and robbery the owners of the Federal Reserve have been up to for the last 108 years, you too will be called an “anti-Semite”.

If you are a conservative, you are not afraid of the truth. You do not try to silence those who strongly disagree with your religious views. There should be no hate laws in America. Crime is crime. Whether a murder is motivated by racial animosity, or it’s a regular murder in a domestic dispute, the punishment should still be the same.

If someone disagrees with you, then one of two things is true. Either they are right and you are wrong, and you can learn something. Or you are right and they are wrong, and you can teach them something. Either way, there is absolutely nothing to be feared from having a discussion with someone with strongly opposing views.

To summarize, the media that you pay attention to, what is the platform? Who funds it? Who are the owners, and what are their private lives like? Further, to evaluate others moral standards, we must first evaluate our own moral standards. The only absolute moral law that has never changed and never will is the Bible. So if our lives are not governed by the King James version Bible, exactly what standards do we have for ourselves? And if we don’t have standards for ourselves, how can we evaluate others with standards?

J Edgar Hoover, who the media hates, wrote three books on communism. “Masters of Deceit” was one of them, and it was a masterpiece at demonstrating how communists will constantly start front groups to lead unsuspecting followers down the road that guides them towards a communist revolution.

A wise and virtuous people will have a wise and virtuous media and leaders. A corrupt and foolish people will have corrupt and foolish media and leaders. Our leaders and our media are reflections of what we ourselves are. Godly people have godly leaders and media, ungodly people have ungodly media and leaders. I myself am well aware, that though I have been let down by the church, let down even more by the world, I have been let down by myself the most. I’m convinced that every honest human being realizes that they themselves are their worst enemy.

“Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God”. Jesus’s wise words on the Sermon on the Mount shows that for us to see God and truth we must be pure. And the fight to keep oneself pure, both mind and body, is likely the hardest fight any human will ever fight. It is not impossible, and can be done, “there hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man, but God is faithful and will not suffer you to be tempted above that you are able, but will, with the temptation make a way to escape it, that you may be able to bear it (I Cor 10:13).

Knowledge and wisdom do not fall out of the sky on to anyone. They can only be obtained with diligent effort. They must be pursued, wooed, and worked for. This is probably why Solomon refers to wisdom in proverbs as a woman, because just as a man pursues, works for, and woos a woman for marriage, so too, this effort must be exerted to obtain knowledge and wisdom.

I hope this is useful to some, and that many of you can avoid spending three years of your lives in paying rapt attention to news, only to find out that the conservative media you trusted, isn’t really there for the American citizen at all.

God bless you, thank you, and have a wonderful evening.

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