Donald Trump has been a fraud from the very beginning.

America has been played.

Donald Trump is a complete and utter fraud.

I’ve been deceived by this lying scoundrel just like millions of other Americans, and I was deceived by Obama in 2008.

Both sides are controlled by the bankers.

Cunning liars, they create false disagreements, while they are moving towards their agenda.

He is no Christian, he’s living in adultery, he’s putting together a vaccine, he supported the lockdown, he supports the homosexual movement, and he’s from the Bankers Capital of the world.

He’s a Zionist, and Zionism and Communism are both controlled by the Talmudic Jewish owners of the Federal Reserve.

Democrats are Communists, Trump and most Republicans are Zionists, both have the same masters.

VIDEO: 900,000 new unemployment claims last week. This deliberately planned scam Demic is creating financial Mayhem, and the rich, who planned this, are making record profits.

Some graphic language at the end, but this guy is telling the absolute truth. I’ve been fooled once by Obama in 2008, I was fooled twice by Donald Trump in 2016, but I will not be fooled for the third time.

This scam Demic was deliberately designed to crash the world economy. 900,000 people, that’s almost 1,000,000 people, just filed first time unemployment claims last week. Does anybody think the fact that the rich are getting even richer off of this, is some kind of a coincidence, or do we understand that this has been planned all along?

What is the most reliable, popular, and credible book in human history?

Since the media, schools, and tech companies are owned by Talmudic Jews, and they hate Christianity, few people today actually learn and study the most popular and reliable book in human history, the Bible.

Many of America’s Founders thought the Bible should be taught in schools.

The book the Founders quoted the most out of the vast number they did quote, was the Bible.

The Founding Fathers on Jesus, Christianity and the Bible

This nation was founded by men who knew history and the Bible. It is being destroyed by a generation which do not know or care about the Bible or history.