EVERY AMERICAN MUST READ. 1913, the worst year in America’s history. The greatest enemy of America is the Federal Reserve and its owners.

Henry Ford said truly:

The following are three profound articles from American Thinker that detail the root of America’s political problems from 1912 on.

The owners of our Federal Reserve, WHO ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE TO THE AMERICAN VOTERS AT ALL, are the biggest criminals, murderers, liars, and thieves in WORLD HISTORY. They are behind Communism, which murdered 100 million in 100 years, a bigger death machine than even Islam, which itself murdered 250 million in 1,400 years.

While we cannot see the owners of the Federal Reserve, and do not know their names or where they live, they can see all of us, and they monitor us. They tax us and track us with our social security number (Instituted by the second biggest traitor president in American history, behind only Woodrow Wilson, FDR), and they spy on us with our cell phones.

Please ensure you, and all your friends and family, read and understand the following articles. Repetition is the mother of learning, so please re read, to ensure you have these details down by heart. Then, since the greatest form of learning is to teach, teach the information to all around you, and spread it. America will not be safe until we all know the truth of what is going on and why.

Many people, in these trying times, wonder what they can do to help the situation. The answer is to pray, study your Bible, and spread the truth, firmly, and with conviction. Don’t think people will love you for telling the truth. Jesus and Socrates both were killed for telling the truth.

Here are the three articles, also, if you have not already read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” that is a must read. It details how the Federal Reserve was set up, where it happened, when it happened, by whom, and for what purposes. When I read this book, dismissed by the lying media and tech companies as “wild conspiracy theories by paranoid racists”, it completely changed my perception of America from 1913 on. Problems are actually opportunities, they keep coming up to urge us to look deeper into the solutions, teaching us one of the greatest human attributes, before which all difficulties are conquered and surmounted: perseverance.

1) 1913: The turning point, by Robert Curry, American Thinker

2) 1913 was a very bad year. J. B. Williams, American Thinker

3) The Federal Reserve, the Ultimate Swamp Creature, by Peter Skurkiss, American Thinker.

Thank you for reading and sharing, God bless you, and may the truth prevail over tyranny.

The only way to avoid war, devastation, savagery, and destruction is to spread truth. Also, the owners of the Federal Reserve are starting a massive war on truth. If the existing President can be blocked on Twitter and Facebook, it’s only a matter of time before all of us are silenced, and websites are deplatformed. At the current rate, I fully expect my website, and millions of others, to be taken down in less than six months. If you don’t see my website anymore, it’s not because I took it down, it’s because the censors took it down. Of course, they will justify it with their usual lies. They defend their power and wealth with force and pathological lies.

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