Wednesday, September 11th, 2019

Today’s Times Herald Disinformation (online book for those who don’t want to buy it.), which is pretty similar to what Pravda did in Russia, (we know this from one of the highest ranking KGB defectors under Communist Russia, Yuri Bezmenov), details 9/11 memorials.

Why is it there was not one mention of Islam?  A quick check of the growth of all world religions in the past 75 years, in this fascinating and riveting three minute video, shows why.  As you can tell, Sunni Islam is now the number one sect in the world, passing Catholicism and Hinduism.

Half of America is effectively brainwashed into thinking the American Government was behind 9/11.  Who hasn’t heard the disinformation?  These people don’t understand the 1,400 year history of Islam, that it is the biggest death machine in world history (with 270 million murdered since Muhammad began it), that we’ve had 35,612 documented Islamic terror attacks that have occurred just since 9/11, and that our sixth President, John Quincy Adams (also known as Old Man Eloquent) wrote a very concise and accurate overview of Islam, centuries ago.

We are now paying our Islam tax, which is $7.58 billion a year, and far more than that in man hours wasted for our TSA.  Jizya is the Islamic code where non-Muslims pay a tax for peace.  In effect, this $7.58 billion a year is the Jizya, America has to pay for peace with Islam.   Over 200 years ago, America was at war with the Islamic Barbary Coast pirates, because they kept terrorizing our ships and kidnapping our sailors for no reason.  It seems nothing has changed.

Islam is incompatible with the American Constitution.  There are many Americans who don’t realize the threat Islam poses.  And they likely never will, until it’s too late.  They don’t understand it spreads in five stages, that Islam today only makes up 1% of the population, comprising about 3 million of 330 million Americans, including 1 million of 40 million Californians.  Samuel Adams, one of America’s Founders said the Constitution welcomes all religions, EXCEPT those which wish to subvert the Constitution.  Sharia Law is absolutely incompatible with individual rights given by the Constitution.  Ironically, American women, largely Democrat women, are badly deceived, and view Islam as harmless.  That is because the vast majority of women have little to no historical concept and often repeat the propaganda they come across on Google, they learned in schools, or they saw in the media.  Sadly, with American women having 1.7 kids each, terrified by mythical climate change and overpopulation fairy tales, and replacement rate being at 2.1, and Islamic women having 3.1 kids each, we may soon become the United States of Americastan.  And when that happens, American feminists will have no rights, they will be forced to wear a hijab, they will be beaten by their husbands, and they will be raped with impunity.  So, be careful what you ask for Democrat women, because you just might get it.

I have a Quran at my house.  I actually study all religions.  Sura 8:12 commands Muslims to cut off the heads of infidels. That would be everyone in America who isn’t Muslim.  Not sure about everyone else, but I’ve grown rather fond of having my head rest on the neck it was born on, and am not anxious for it to be divorced from its current station.

We see what the lying Times Herald said today.  If you want some kind of an idea of the threat Islam poses, you’ll never find it in the fake news Times Herald, CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, PBS, NPR, The Washington Compost, the New York Slimes, 90% of newspapers in America, Fox, the Huffington Post, Daily Beast, it Amy other leftist news source.

Many Americans naively think that they know a Muslim or a few Muslims, that they are nice people, and that Islam is harmless.  These gullible Americans think Americans like me, who warn about Islam, are islamophobes, bigots, and haters.

Hopefully, the thousands who perished in 9/11 did not die in vain.  Prayerfully we learn from the Islamic terror, that has been going on for 1,400 years, and take steps to mitigate the threat here.

Few know that we just had an Islamic terror attack at Travis Air Force Base March 22nd, 2018,  when a Muslim man crashed a car full of propane tanks into the gates and blew himself up.  Why don’t we know that?  Because the media hid it.  Don’t want to wake the naive types from their slumber.

Did you know the very discovery of America by Europeans, was prompted by conflict with Islam?  When Ferdinand and Isabella finally conquered the Muslim Moors and kicked them out of Granada and Spain, they finally had money and wanted to find a trade route to India, to be able to compete with wealthy Islamic tyrants who constantly waged war on Christiandom.  So, they commissioned Columbus in 1492 to sail the ocean blue, and the rest is history.  Amazing how the conflict that began America, still is around, over 500 years later.

However, this was prophesied in Genesis.  Abraham was to wait for a son, but his wife, Sarah, was impatient and discontent, and like many women, she took rash action to solve the problem, which made it worse.  Abraham, weakly went along with her suggestion to sleep with her servant, Hagar, and thus, Ishmael was born.  Immediately there was tension, as Hagar derided Sarah for being barren.  Sarah, not being one to be insulted, demanded she be sent away.  And so she was.  She and her child were delivered, but Ishmael, the progenitor of Islam was given a prophetic outlook.  His hand would be against every man, and every mans hand would be against him.  And, that perfectly describes Islam for its entire history.

The solution to the threat is to ban all immigration from Muslim nations.  Also, carefully ensure that all school children are rigorously taught on the Constitution and on the dangers of Islam.  Also necessary is a thorough education of the Bible, the removal of which from schools, began a massive increase in crime, ignorance, and poverty.  Also, carefully monitor mosques.  These are often hotbeds of terror.  CAIR is using American laws to shield terror.  We see in the terror incident in San Bernardino that neighbors of the terrorists were afraid of daring anything because they were afraid of being labeled racists.  Same thing happened in the grooming scandal in Rotherham England, when hundreds of girls were raped, molested, and prostituted out by Muslim men.  Police and others did not want to say anything because they were afraid of being called racist.  Muslims are very good at abusing Western laws to ensure that criticism of Islam is called hate speech, and any criticism of Islam is effectively silenced and criminalized.

That is a blatant and outrageous threat to our First Amendment rights.  People criticize Christianity all the time in America, and that’s their right. Silencing criticism of any idea or religion is admitting that that idea or religion is our master, and we are slaves.

The Times Herald is the slave of Islam, so is the Democrat party, but are we Americans slaves, or are we free men?

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