Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

This morning, I sent a text to a prominent Democrat in Vallejo.  This person was very bold to speak their opinion, but when I asked if I could share their exact words and their name for the public to examine, this person hastily declined, and stated they did not want this to be publicized.  Well, if you are so right, what have you got to be afraid of by publicizing your words and deeds?  It’s tough with Democrats, because having few or no standards, they simply cherry pick the wrong in others lives, ignore the blaring and continuous wrongs in their own lives, which they have no intention of changing, and ruthlessly use their opponents weaknesses, though their opponent changed years ago, to try and gain more power, money, and prestige for themselves.  Like crabs in a crab barrel, they seek to pull others down, to promote themselves.  Nothing wrong with highlighting wrongs which destroy individuals and societies, but there is a lot wrong with trying to defend ones own wrongdoing by dredging up the wrong others have done years ago and repented of.   This is a common practice in today’s society.

So, I’ll read the exchange, verbatim.

Them: ‘I’m sorry, I don’t have this number in my phone’

Me: It’s Ryan

Them: O sure Ryan it’s not a common name……

Me: Messano

Them: Oh yeah I don’t need any of your propaganda thanks dude

Me: No worries.  Facts don’t care about your feelings

Them: You’re racist and sexist please save it.

Me: You don’t seem to mind the propaganda you get from the media, schools, and tech companies daily. And you’re parroting it right now.  It’s easier to fool a man than to convince him he’s been fooled.  I’m not angry about the name calling, because I know the emotional manipulation that causes you to think that way.

Them: Hey man I just know I’ve never been thrown out of a chamber by police for using racist terms so there’s some facts for  you please stop texting me.

Me: What are you talking about?  I was never thrown out of a chamber for using racist terms.  If you dislike me, at least dislike me for things I’ve done.  What other lies and disinformation are people spreading about me?

Them: I’ve asked you to stop texting me please do respect the boundaries if you know how to do that.

Me: OK.  Since you wish to believe lies about me, I’m sure you won’t mind me using this publicly.   So the whole city can hear about the gossiping and backstabbing that goes on in private about me.  Do I have your permission?

Them: No, you are not stable, and I don’t trust you.

Me: Well, the story will be told without your name then.   The left often thinks everyone on the right is insane.  But you Democrats are the lunatics who can’t be quiet when others are talking.  If you believe you are so right, then why are you afraid of your exact words being used in public?

Them: I apologize. It wasn’t racist remarks its (sic) was homophobic.  I lose (sic) track (sic) you.  So yah I don’t want to talk to you for being homophobic.  Please stop texting me.

Me: Apology accepted. But the Supreme Court had no right to legalize homosexuality in 2003.  Does that make me a bad person for actually objecting to 9 Supreme Court Justices defining morality for our nation, and rejecting the marketing program to normalize homosexuality?

Further, no one had the right to remove me from city hall for criticizing homosexuality while others have the right to commend it.  That’s a First Amendment Lawsuit.  If I was wrong, then why did I go right back and repeated (sic autocorrect) what I said?  Because we have the First Amendment.

This was followed by his further request not to be bothered with facts.

This perfectly illustrates the Democrat mind.  Easily conditioned to dislike others based on standards and ideas they don’t even understand.  Notice the punctuation.  I posted their comments verbatim.   A person who can’t be bothered to figure out correct punctuation, rarely is bothered to do the work necessary to seriously comprehend complex religious and political ideas either.

Which leads to an outstanding equation which Dennis Prager used today to describe those on the left:

GI – W = E

Good Intentions – Wisdom = Evil

This is true of every Democrat in America today.

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