Thursday, September 12th, 2019

Yesterday, I received a laconic and terse request from Skip Thomson, AN ELECTED OFFICIAL, not to receive any more e-mails from me.  While he’s free not to read my e-mails, I’m going to respectfully decline to stop sending him e-mails.  There are thousands of voters who agree with my ideas, and if you don’t like hearing from them, tough.
If you don’t like getting e-mails from California voters, Mr. Thomson, then get out of politics, and let real men do the job.  Instead of being a thin skinned snowflake, who can’t defend his beliefs, because you are terrified of being exposed as the fraud you are, why don’t you learn integrity and to start doing the right thing by voters?   You have an out of control son, who has no business being a sheriff.  Ironically, while I applied for that same position and was not hired, your son was hired.  Was it due to nepotism?  I guarantee you you’d never find me imitating your sons crazed behavior.  I’ve taken a lot more criticism than your thin skinned son ever took, and I never dreamed of responding as he did.  You did a terrible job teaching him self control.  And I hope he was fired, as the last thing we need right now in a tense racial environment, are easily angered law enforcement officers.  But, he was drinking, it appears, and alcohol does cloud the judgement.   You might learn a lesson from history. When Eli’s sons misbehaved in public, he gently chided them, and his leadership was abruptly cut short.
Also, you are a tool of the unions who are bankrupting California. The public employee unions are a disaster for California, and are wrecking our economy.  And you defend them.  And, you can tell Danny Bernardini and Jon Riley I said that.  I’ve no animosity for anyone in the Union, but I’m no longer playing nice just because I have no personal animosity for people, who willfully pilfer the public coffers and savagely defend their right to do so.   I wish either of them, or any of the unions would say something to me in public.  This is why the Democrats have their Marxist identity politics, because they are unbelievably corrupt.  I’d say this to them directly, however, since they aren’t elected officials, and the unions are notorious for not liking criticism, and responding with mob tactics and brutal intimidation, I’ll let anyone who wants to forward this to the unions.  And no Jon, I don’t cause trouble.  You and your corrupt unions are causing trouble by constantly robbing taxpayers.  It’s called stealing.  And that’s what you and your Marxist unions have been doing for the past 60 years in America.  We agree on a few issues, but I’ve begun to realize that nearly every party that regularly attends Vallejo City Council Meetings is corrupt and in it for money.  The people who have morals and care about Vallejo are continuously brutalized when they try to tell the truth.
I’m no longer playing games with the unions. Great article yesterday on the Union thugs who are ruining California.  They have no place in politics, and if I see one more union member show up at a public event I’m at, I’m publicly going after them when I speak.  So, make sure you send someone with thick skin.   When you can’t prove your beliefs, you are easy to trigger and your opponent controls you.  Whoever can make you angry is your master.  And that is why the left hates me, because they are easy to manipulate and control.  Not my fault.  We control our responses to others.  We reap what we sow, and the consequence of undisciplined behavior is to be ruled by those with self control.  If people don’t like their outputs, change their inputs.

Kicked out of a men’s Bible class, after attending for months, for wearing a MAGA hat.

For months, yours truly has attended a Bible study.  It was begun 11 years ago, by a man who has quite an inspirational story of turning his life around.  Having met the young man at a School Board meeting nearly a year ago, when he came with a group of young men, I’d resolved to touch base.  I later found out his mother had been a long time friend and business associate of mine.

A few months after first meeting him, there was a forum on youth violence in Vallejo, and I attended where he was a panelist.  He spoke again, and invited me to his Bible class.  The offer was repeated by his friend.

So, I attended and it was a very great experience.  The barber shop where it was held was run by a dear friend of my family, who had cut my brothers hair for years, as it turns outs. Had many spirited conversations.

While there were theological differences between the leader, a close associate of his, and myself, still, it seemed to be healthy to be able to discuss controversial issues in a public forum, leaving our emotions and using reason to conclude.

Recently, having noted all the lies the media has been telling daily about Donald Trump is a racist, and how they’ve been telling this lie for nearly four years, I grew sick and tired of the Democrat tech company and media lies and resolved to do something about it.  Part of it was starting my news site in May 2018 to attempt to get the truth out to people.  There isn’t anything Trump has said or done that is even remotely close to being racist, and I simply refuse to play the game and not wear a hat because people are offended due to their being deceived by the media lies.

The Bible study is predominantly attended by African American males, who I consider as friends, and we’ve had some very good conversations.  When I first wore the hat early yesterday evening, a very close friend of mine, and my family, smiled, and laughed in amazement at my wearing the hat.  He playfully went up to a black friend of his, and told him to put the hat on and take a picture, and that it would go viral. The friend hurriedly dismisses this idea and they joked about it.  I had taken the hat off before entering the barber shop.  We had a great conversation for about twenty minutes where I detailed how the media has been brainwashing America, and the damaging effects of the lies on the Democrat platform.  Four men, including an 8th grader, all listened intently, politely, and respectfully.

I made it clear I’m not wearing the hat because I idolize Trump, but because the media has lied for so long, and attempted to link this hat with racism, which is a wicked lie, that I was going to challenge the lie, no matter what.  When people are getting beat up for wearing a hat, because media propaganda is teaching people to hate that symbol, then, every patriotic American should be wearing the hat.

The Bible class went by, and at the end we were discussing a video the leader recommended the group watch, on a prodigal son theme.  Three characters made bad decisions in their lives, and all had their lives ruined by their sinful choices.  However, the conversation soon shifted.  The leader had been quite insistent that he didn’t want politics to be addressed.  His contention was that Christ wouldn’t be involved in politics.  To which my response was that Christ lived in a day  and time where the state was run by heathen emperors from Rome, and the Jews couldn’t vote.  We are in a Constitutional Republic, founded by 204 Christians, begun on Christian laws, and were expected to vote to keep our Republic.

So he asked me would Jesus want me to wear the MAGA hat, to which I replied he would.  Jesus was all about confronting the popular narratives of the day that were lies and which were used to control and manipulate people, which the Democrats, their media, tech companies, and schools, do every single day.

I further told him that if one compared the Democrats and Republicans to each other, that Trump was a million times more preferable a leader than every Democrat in America.  I further said, that while it wasn’t easy, the Bible clearly says who is going to hell and who is going to heaven, and that every single one of the 65 million Democrats who voted for Hillary is going to hell unless they repent.  It’s simple to discern, and this is why the Democrat media is lying up a storm about Trump being a racist because they are desperately trying to distract from their own evil.

Let’s examine the gross hypocrisy present when any ‘Christian’ refuses to denounce the Democrats but think Trump and the Republicans are the  problem, and refuses to judge.

When the black community makes up 12% of the nation, and has 36% of all abortions, and the Democrats support this, and place abortion clinics in black communities, that is genocide.  Yet, these same hypocrite Democrats holler and shriek about how Trump is a racist, though he opposes their genocidal abortion.  Margaret Sanger, the Founder of the Planned Parenthood the Democrats love, considered minorities to be inferior, and like weeds, and wanted to exterminate minorities with abortion and contraception.  And the Democrats are carrying out her vision today.  She was a Killer Angel.

When Democrats promote theft by wealth redistribution, envy and jealousy for the rich, and greed and covetousness at the same time, since the twenty wealthiest congressional districts in America are all controlled by Democrats, we have a serious problem!  When they promote the aforementioned murder of babies and the enslavement of women in pornography and prostitution, we are in serious trouble.  When they also promote the crime against nature of homosexuality, and Islam, which is a very dangerous ideology, this is a serious problem.

The argument will be made, that America has separation of church and state.  Well, that clause is nowhere in the Constitution, and when anyone takes the time to examine where it is found, in letters exchanged between Thomas Jefferson and the Danbury Baptists, where the Baptists wanted re assurance that America would not have the bloody religious wars that caused chaos in Europe when Catholics and Protestants fought, one easily can understand we have Freedom Of Religion, not Freedom From Religion.

Eventually, the leader of the study and another gentleman asked me if it as appropriate to wear the hat because I knew the offense it was causing.  ‘Well’, says I, ‘what are people offended about’?Trump is not a racist, and so if anyone is offended, they need to research the media’s lies.  Facts don’t care about feelings.  I point blank asked numerous times if anyone could prove Trump was a racist, and no one had any examples of what he has said or done that made him a racist.  So, the media’s lies have successfully convinced professing Christians that Trump is a racist, without their being able to unemotionally prove this.

The Bible Study leader became very agitated and stated I could not bring the hat back to the class.  At this point, I’d been patient enough with his attempts to not discuss politics for the past few months.  When the Democrat party is wicked and Christian men are not bold enough to call them out, that’s a charade I will not be participating in.  Oh sure, the media has trained ‘Christians’ to think of Donald Trump as Satan and a racist, sexist, bigoted libertine, but that’s what a foolish person will believe. Wise people  understand the media’s game, how they’ve been consistently playing down Democrat scandals over the last 60 years, and constantly playing up Republican ones. While they express outrage over Republican scandals, real and imagined, they carefully hide Democrat scandals and try to distract attention away from it.  No wonder they control Hollyweird, they are champions at creating fairy tales.  I made it clear that I’d no longer be attending if this rule was enforced, and wasn’t going to bow down to the Democrat media lies.  And so, I was forced to part ways.

People were offended about blacks going into restaurants 60 years ago, but I sure am glad protestors went into those restaurants any way, to integrate them.  And so too today, when people believe lies, it’s necessary to confront them, and not back down because of their feelings, which obviously aren’t based on facts and reason.

Besides, how can anyone not see Trump is a huge blessing to all races in America?  Black and Latino unemployment is the lowest in recorded American history, though the lying media will claim that’s because of Obama.  Black poverty and crime ARE ALWAYS highest in Democrat cities and states.  So, how is that Trump and Republicans fault?  If a minority wants to blame anyone for problems in the minority community, on any issue whatsoever, blame the Democrats who are ruining this country.  Blame their wealthy plutocrat leaders who control the media, schools, and tech companies, and who lie every day.

We’ve come to a very dangerous place in America when we can’t even civilly discuss politics in a Bible class, because the lying Democrat media and tech companies, have deceived millions of Christians into thinking that the Democrats are either equally as bad as Republicans, or some Christians are so badly deluded, they think the wicked Democrats are closer to Christ than the Republican platform is.  Of course, not one person who believes this has actually read the Constitution, five biographies of the 204 Founders, and the platforms of both parties.  There are millions of Christians who claim they just follow Jesus, and don’t want to get involved in politics, but straddling the fence is the mark of a coward.  ‘The hottest places in hell are reserved for those, who in times of moral crisis, remain neutral’.  Meanwhile, these people, who are very apathetic, often waste nine years of their lives watching television, which is full of garbage, lies, and corruption.  So, they honestly believe Jesus approves of them idly watching worthless pop culture, and refusing to pick a side in the ideological political war for the future of America that is raging right now.  It’s pretty appalling when the media has conditioned millions of Americans,  like Pavlov’s dogs, to associate Making America Great Again with racism, slavery, and segregation.  And the Democrats are really good at this.  If they oppose anyone they pull this same trick. They did the same thing to Robert Bork in 1987, and they effectively judicially lynched him from getting onto the Supreme Court, by continuously lying about him and slandering him.

Christ clearly said, ‘Judge righteous Judgement’.  We also know that ‘Rebellion against tyranny is obedience to God’.

If Christ rebuked the Pharisees for misleading the people, oppressing them, punishing them for small offenses, and being hypocrites, he’d be rebuking the Democrats of today even more, who are massive hypocrites, promoting racist abortion, degenerate homosexuality, porn, drugs, Islam, and lies intended to enslave people and force wealth redistribution, like man made climate change, gun control, Reparations, Medicare for all, and 37 million people on welfare.

The Democrat party is nearly the same as the communist party of America.  And our biggest geopolitical foe is China, which is Communist.  Democrat Maoists are visiting Venezuela to prop up the corrupt, Socialist,  and totalitarian government of Maduro.

It is time for Americans to awake from their apathy.  We cannot be apathetic and avoid being ruled by evil men, and controlled by evil Democrat plutocrats.

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