Sunday, December 30, 2018

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Thank you for your loyalty.  Please share with friends and family.  Our local newspapers, television, and most of the tech industry are busy prodigiously lying to Americans – the goal being to destroy our nation – and we must get the truth out to them somehow.

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RIP, conservative writer Bre Payton, dies of swine flu at 26.

A Federalist Remembrance of Bre Payton: A colleague and Friend.

Gizzi: Remembering Bre Payton: The gentle young duelist of the TV punditocracy.

Ludwig: Rage filled Progressives embrace Cultural Marxism.

2018’s biggest loser: Liberal International Order.

Bill Bratton: Mistake to rush into marijuana legalization.

Are physical and verbal abuse in a marriage the same thing?

Toplansky: George Washington’s prescient words.

Vape shop operator goes berserk over MAGA hat!!  Gets fired!

Assaults customer.

Throws multiple F-bombs!


Look how much of these Federal Departments is non-essential.

Giuliani rips Mueller: Time to put up or shut up!

Federer: The Powerful influence of a great editor.

Federer: India’s history of magnificence, Brutality.

Virus cripples newspapers

L.A. Times hit!

Foreign entity responsible.

Trump punches back: blames Democrats for migrant child deaths.

Democrat doubles down: It’s Trump’s fault.

IRS has 4,487 guns, 5,062,000 rounds of ammo.

Top 5 worst journalism moments in 2018.

Putin New Years Letter to Trump: Moscow open to dialogue.

Shutdown: Week 2

Pelosi parties in Hawaii.

California sheriff SLAMS illegal immigration, Sanctuary Cities, as 7 more are arrested in murder of police officer.

John Bolton praises Jamie Glazov’s book, “Jihadist Psychopath”

DeAngelis: Imprudent altruism and illegal immigration.

Facebook has ever-changing political rulebook on political speech.

Lifson: Ice isn’t melting in the Arctic and Antarctic, but coastal property insurance is increasing due to fears of rising sea levels.

‘Genius’ Sheriff hammered over shooting back policy.

Local Media don’t report killer is an illegal alien.

Smith: Beware the 2019 Stock Market.

Brown: What am I missing about immigration?

McMillan: Why Doom and Gloom amidst Trump Presidency?

Major U.S. County pays up for censoring ‘anti-muslim’ ads.

Birth rates what won’t sustain populations….are good?

California order that gun makers do the impossible on the way to the Supreme Court.

Norris: How many more California cops should die?

Foundation uncovers report that defies anti-gun agenda.

Public employees fight disclosure in baby body parts scheme.

Logis: Remembering the General Patton speech that helped win the war.

Feldman: Intersectionality at the Crossroads.

Politician shoots intruder who crashed into neighbors garage.

Camp: How the Deconstruction of sex-related biology could tear us apart.

Update: Franklin Graham says FB ban was a ‘personal attack on me’.

New laws are putting California further at odds with Trump.

Black panther police murder case back in spotlight.

Cutler: Pitfalls of VISA waiver program.

High tax state exodus!

CA woman’s march cancelled for being ‘overwhelmingly white’.

Chumley: Biggest tech threat?  American public is unaware of the perils of A.I.

Knight: The War on Hope.

Lifson: Sore loser of the year: Michigan Dem legislator stops representing her district upon losing primary.

Williamson: A Time for Choosing…Still.

Brazil’s president elect plans decree allowing wider gun ownership.

Living paycheck to paycheck disturbingly common.

Jerry Brown: Climate change as bad as the Nazi’s!

Hollyweird’s cruelest casting couch predator: Howard Hughes.

Las Vegas manicurist killed trying to stop customer who didn’t pay.

Jordan Peterson: On what makes a good New Year’s Resolution.

Dem Rep-Elect Ocasio-Cortez slams fellow Democrats for calling her ‘shiny object’.

Dougherty: Nothing to envy in EU membership.

High profile appeals test Roberts bid to preserve SCOTUS ‘legitimacy’.

Lifson: Big Jesse Jackson lie busted by scrappy Chicago neighborhood website.

Showalter: Leftists eat their own in San Francisco’s Mission district.



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