News, Monday, December 31st, 2018

Happy New Year, Friends!  May God prosper, bless, comfort, strengthen, and encourage you!

Transgender goes berserk on GameStop employee!!

Abortion killed 42 million people in 2018.

Timperlake: Mr. Chief Justice, what are you doing about the fraud on the FISA court you supervise?

Brown: Sorry sir, but you are not a ma’am.

Moran: Walter Russell Meade: the year’s biggest loser….

Man discovers unscathed Bible, after fire ravages home.

Donald Trump: I’m working, you’re partying, Happy New Year!

AP’s obituary about Federalist writer Bre Payton slammed for making it all about Trump vs. the media.

Prager: The left will make 2019 a dark year!

Sobieski: the Beatification of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Bialosky: The terrible stink: FBI Treatment of General Flynn.

10 wild hoax crimes of 2018.

Alexander: A look back at the demise of the Mainstream News media in 2018.

Trump sends federal agents to Chicago, murders down to 550, from 2016 Obama high of 757.

Chomsky: Trump’s ‘passion’ for destroying ‘prospects for organized human life’ worse than Hitler.

Investigative reporter on Trump Dossier Allegations: ‘We have not seen the evidence to support them’.

Skurkiss: Huawei and National Security.

Canto: The coming Democrat Implosion.

Trump’s historic impact on judiciary in 2018, promises even greater gains in 2019.

Phoenix: Social Justice Warriors and the 7 major negative emotions. 

Lopez: The most memorable leftist hypocrisies of 2017-2018.


Cleveland: 58 New Years resolutions that don’t involve dieting or exercising.

NYC homicide tally lowest in several decades.

Global revolt against Climate Change policies.

Update: Smoke shop worker fired after Trump tirade.

Yates: The use and abuse of police body cameras.

Schlichter: What’s a few more dead Americans if Dems can score a few more political points?

Morefield: The difference between God and ‘Saint Nancy’ on border wall.

Trumpworld: Grandson of Iran revolution’s Founder says government could fall.

Showalter: Google pulls a fast one for political correctness in sponsored NY Times ad.

Trump: Ask Warren’s psychiatrist if she can win White House.

Showalter: Jerry Brown gives rural Californian’s the middle finger.

Pence, Schumer square off.

Bezos fortune drops $40 billion in 2018.

Trunnell: Why you shouldn’t make New Year’s Resolutions. 

Lebron humbly declares he is the Greatest ever.

Bibi says he won’t resign if indicted.

Human waste, trash, overwhelm some parks in shutdown.

Roaming mob of ‘urban youth’ terrorized Chicago’s ‘Magnificent Mile’ in below freezing weather, sent Asian bystander to the hospital. 

Yoder: ‘Pro-life’ abortion activist tells kids: abortion is ‘God’s plan’.

John Kelly: Catch-and-release laws ensure migration crisis.

3 times Democrats predicted Trump policies would kill people.

Ocasio-Cortez ‘disappointed’ at McCaskill for calling her a ‘thing’.

Hellner: Can the Washington Post’s lefty journalists give these points of bias a whirl?

Dunn: When the federal prosecutors target an innocent man.

Street: California: Land of 1,000 new laws.

Street: China and the Paris Accord.

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