Saturday, December 15th, 2018

Federal Judge declares Obamacare Unconstitutional!

RIP Obamacare!!

Simon: Good riddance to Obamacare!

‘Russiagate’ spread by ‘highest levels of Obama administration’.

Sobieski: The Flynn investigation, McCabe’s personal retaliation?

Report: Feds withholding evidence exonerating Flynn.

Hellner: Jackpot: Democrats win the Justice Department lottery.

Federer: The best way to undermine the Bill of Rights.

Muslim Democrat mocks Pence’s Christianity.

Farah: Remembering Les Kinsolving.

Western Journal: Google filtered us out of search results.

Arvay: They are not us.

Showalter: Oh Good!  Another blow to the nightmare of Obamacare.

Brown: Why millennial Christians are confused about homosexuality.

McMillan: The left has only themselves to blame for Trump.

Villalobos: Electoral fraud: the real record.

Reagan:  All is fair in the war on Trump.

Gabriel: France reaps decades of open borders, socialism.

34,280 documented Islamic terror attacks since 9/11.

Millennials are paying thousands to this ‘digital beggar’, an unemployed pot fiend.

Ballabon: Hating the President is not a strategy, as Bill Kristol just learned.

New England ICE field Director pleads with Sanctuary Cities to stop helping illegal aliens.

New media hits stumbling block, scaring away some investors.

Over 300 women accuse Brazilian charlatan John of God of abuse, including his daughter.

Stockton’s insane basic income of $500 about to go into effect for a few.

Showalter: Winning :Trump’s very smart pick for chief of staff.

Lifson: Is the Flynn guilty plea going to be thrown out?

The Transformed Wife: Benefits of a mother working vs. benefits of staying at home.

Zelikovsky: The Miracle Season

Continetti: China’s growing aggression on  the high seas.

Green Beret charged with murder for killing Taliban bomb maker.

Timpf: Allowing the state to search gun seekers social-media accounts is a terrible idea.

Payton: How Mark Twain used child characters to critique adults.

Jashinsky: Here’s one remaining question on the takedown of Kevin Hart.

Wax: Paul Ryan: The Establishment savior that wasn’t

Ludwig: Does freedom of religion mean Satanic displays in state capitals?

Johnson: Economic growth lifts health care.

CNN’s Cuomo claims viewers are ‘frustrated’ because he is ‘too balanced’

Canto Jr.: Bernie discovers Congress declares wars.

Salama: Stopping Elon Musk’s money mirage.

Trump interior secretary Zinke to step down.

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