News, Thursday, December 27th, 2018

Jeffrey: The party of the Rich!! Democrats hold the 20 wealthiest congressional districts.


Running her family business from home.

In 1903, women didn’t want the right to vote. 


Victor Davis Hanson: Mueller investigation stirring up more trouble than it’s finding.

Hunter: Dear Pope Francis.

Kerwick: Fake News and Race.

Rudov: the Farce of Facebook.

Giuliani wants Mueller investigated for destroying evidence.

Africa is using America’s industrial farming techniques to get rich.

Froehlke: Liberalism and zealotry.

Lifson: With identical tweets, Schumer and Pelosi reveal themselves as mouthpieces with the same propaganda puppet master.

Coulter: Happy Kwanzaa!  The Holiday brought to you by the FBI.

Trump makes first trip to war zone.

Soldier: I came back into the military because of you.

Wall Street Journal shreds Washington Post coverage of Trump.

Zumwalt: Clinton scandals and Humpty Dumpty.

Farah: Fake news equals contempt prior to examination.

DeAngelis: Scripture scholar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, SJW.

Phelps: EMP: Not if, but when.

Left outraged as Trump signs military MAGA hats.

DHS: ‘Open Borders’ advocates pushing immigration system to ‘breaking point’

7 times Hollyweird Celebs wished violence upon Trump in 2018.

Sobieski: The Democrats anti-Catholic bigotry.

Rush: Venezuela, Socialism, and the definition of Insanity.

San Fran Shame: public drug use, homelessness, disease, plague city.

Trump presidency has changed Washington, defied convention.

Ilhan-Omar’s influence already expanding in Congress.

Maitra: 3 questions to ask before next open-ended foreign intervention.

Hanson: Bombshell:  New info says Khashoggi was a foreign influence agent.

Thomas: Osama Bin Ladin was right.

Medvin: Communists, Ocasio-Cortez, and Jesus?

Schlichter: The War on Trump is all about keeping liberals and their lackeys in power.

Lemon: POTUS stole Christmas from soldiers.

De Pasquale: Here’s what I learned after spending a year reading the top motivational books. 

Bloomberg prepared to spend at least $100 million in 2020 campaign.

Oh Brother: CNN believes Trump violated campaign, ethics laws in visit to Iraq.

Former Navy Seal chides CNN for throwing troops under the bus.

Trump: Don’t Democrats realize most of the people not getting paid in shutdown….are Democrats?

Elder: Christmas in the aftermath of loss.

How much of internet is fake?  A lot of it, actually.

O’Rourke and Castro on collision course in Texas.

Depetris: 4 foreign policy establishment myths, about leaving Syria, debunked.

Hall: Ambiguity and American jurisprudence.

Hakim: President Trump, the shutdown, and 2020.

Skurkiss: Trade wars and China.

Lifson: Brit Hume delivers devastating slap down to Trump hating lefty, Soledad O’Brien.

Showalter: Another strikeout for the open borders lobby: Deceased migrant child’s father refused him health care.

Showalter: Venezuela gets the Russian Bear Hug.

Scarborough: Trump used ‘captive audience of American heroes to push his domestic agenda.’

Ilhan-Omar’s influence already expanding in Congress.

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