News, Friday, December 28th, 2018.

RIP Bre Payton!! You will be missed.  26 years, and what a legacy.  America gratefully acknowledges a life well lived.

Accomplished journalist, conservative happy warrior Bre Payton passes away at 26.

Swine flu claims rising young conservative star, Bre Payton. 

Trump threatens to shut down Southern Border entirely if no wall money.

Pelosi spending shutdown at Hawaii resort.

Maxine Waters in the Bahamas for shutdown.

Trump cancels Florida trip over Shutdown.

Top 10 progressive endorsements of child abuse in 2018.

Xu: China is America’s biggest rival, and Russia isn’t even close.

Horowitz: Look how much of these federal departments is ‘nonessential’.

Federer: History of Armenia: Magnificent and Brutal.

Rep. Louie Gohmert: Keep the government shut down until hell freezes over.

Trump threatens to cut aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Wauck: the upside for conservatives in 2019.

Walker: Ending Independent Federal Agencies.

Imani: Judea and Samaria should return to their rightful owners.

Showalter: Thanks Trump!  Hospitals now to post prices.

Pettyjohn: The Japan-America bond tightens.

Fields: Looking forward in anger.

Buchanan: 2020 year of the Democrats? Maybe not.

Root: The art of the Wall Deal.

Limbaugh: How compassionate is the Democrats open border policy?

McCullough: Trump did  not lie to troops, media types just can’t add.

Stearns: Angry white people with money.

Democrats quest to topple Trump gets real in January.

Street: California faces pension showdown.

Soriano: The Fed’s nightmare scenario.

Showalter: Now Kenya gets to pay the Chinese piper.

Farah: Ike’s forgotten prophecy: The scientific-technological complex

Here’s what parents need to know about TSA and their kids.

Lifson: NY Times claims ‘Trump imperils planet’ with carbon emissions, but still plans private jet use.

Skurkiss: A cold wind for globalists.

Haunschild: How using blockchain can improve election integrity.

Bozell & Graham: These boots are made for double standards.

New Muslim Congresswoman picks Jefferson’s Quran for swearing in. 

Street: Dems spent $385 million more than GOP in midterms.

Judicial Watch demands details of Mueller’s security detail.

Media stocks suffer declines in 2018.

Moran: Hispanic support for GOP remains constant.

Moran: America’s oldest living veteran dies at 112.

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