News, Thursday December 13th, 2018

Shady, Shady, Shady!!! IG: Mueller wiped data from Page and Strzok cell phones. 

DOJ IG found 19,000 ‘lost’ Page and Strzok texts.

Elder: Mueller probe: If convictions equal success, Whitewater was a success.

Dossier writer: Hillary considered challenging 2016 results.  

Victor Davis Hanson: Comey continues to display his lack of credibility.

Hearing scheduled for $350 million lawsuit against Mueller.

Factory Robot impales worker with 10 steel spikes after malfunction.

Human heart found on Southwest flight, causing redirect.

$5 billion fee for wall a waste?  Taxpayer burden 31 times higher.

Schlichter: Don’t underestimate dumb voters appetite for leftist politicians.  

Wilhelm: Dear Parents, avoid the madness of organized sports for your children.

Froehlke: A nation of bastards.

Lewis: How does Ocasio-Cortez explain Communism’s 100 million dead.

Trump approval rating matches Obama’s after 2 years in office.

Democrat would love to regulate speech, but ‘First Amendment’ prevents me.

Hapless, milquetoast Flake waves goodbye, gives delusional speech on ‘authoritarianism’.

Five major problems with James Comey’s latest Russia probe testimony.

Cleveland: The Federal Judge overseeing Michael Flynn’s sentencing just dropped a major bombshell.

Lifson: Judge in Flynn case demands more records before passing sentence

Harsanyi: Here’s the problem with Politico’s online ‘Lie of the year’.

Carl: How the new NAFTA trade deal lets big tech silence conservative speech.

Meyrat: The riots in France perfectly illustrate why we need an electoral college.

Mill: Promises that the media are ‘closing in’ on Trump are so far just the media crying wolf.

Christian and Herring: Double Standard: Only Obama can obliterate his own citizens.

Showalter: Migrant caravan descends into a shakedown.

McCarthy: That Oval Office sitdown?  Schumer and Pelosi got skunked.

Lifson: Incoming NY state AG admits a plan to find a crime by Trump or ‘anyone in his orbit’. 

Cashill: Might Trump be the most honest president ever?

Farah: Ken Starr strikes again, with Kavanaugh.

7 top threats Christian churches in America face today.

Zumwalt: Voltaire on Islam and today’s Dark ages II.

Open Google up to libel like the regular media?

How God led rockstar away from drugs and $23 million.

Bolyard: Governor Kasich: The lives of millions of babies are in your hands with the heartbeat bill, how will you choose?

Thomas: The fury of the Establishment.

Hunter: Democrats are fighting to lose an argument they already won.

Democrats plot return of pork barrel politics.

Coulter: Government indicts ham sandwhich, Cohen pleads guilty.

Oprah guest faces arrest in sex probe.

Curtis: Snowflakes and the historical record.

Brewster: Was baseball legend Ty Cobb really a murderous maniac?

Sammin: Why most people can’t explain the reasons why meddling with a babies DNA is wrong.

Jacobs: Theresa May just faced down a no confidence vote over Brexit, but she’s still in big trouble.

Pullman: Once informed of costs to women and taxpayers, support for federal paid leave plummets.

Marcus: Everyday feminism seminar offered to heal ‘internalized whiteness’.

Trump cancels White House Christmas party for press.

Fox News wins 2018 ratings race, MSNBC best year ever.

Russian Nuke Bombers fly over Caribbean sea.

Anarchy: Haiti policy outgunned by armed gangs.

Preston: Why NASA needs to beat China in the new Space Race.

O’Brien: Hate soaked liberals go hunting for Rudolph the Reindeer.

Lifson: Blasey-Ford’s little girl voice has disappeared in her first public hearing since Senate testimony.

Biology professor refuses to say when life begins.  

Williamson: On minimum wage, a flight from reality.

Entitled teen uses intercom to quit Walmart Job.

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