Wednesday August 8th, 2018

Walter Williams: Colleges: A force for Evil.

Billboards are yanked because Bible is shown.

Goodwin: Why it’s time for Trump to play his ace in the hole.

30 Amazing years of failed climate alarm predictions.

Ohio House seat stays Red.

Trump boasts  he went 5 for 5 in Tuesday’s election.

Dems blame Russians for defeat, turn on Green Party.


Green Party Spoiler Candidate in Ohio says his ancestors were from another planet, can’t remember own campaign website address.

Lott Jr.: The media is encouraging violence against themselves. 

Toplansky: Millennials, Socialism, and Equality.

Sobieski: Paul Manafort and Dianne Feinstein’s Office Spy.

Weingarten: Dianne Feinstein’s ties to China go way deeper than an office spy.

Harsanyi: Hey Buzzfeed, Che Guevara was a bloodthirsty terrorist.

Villalobos: Racism against Whites.

Canto Jr.: I remember when we called them mobs.

Lifson: Out of the Shadows: FBI corruption probe about to put Bruch Ohr on the hot seat.

McCarthy: Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘Death of a Nation’: Rectifying Revisionist History.

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