Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

Victor Davis Hanson: The Police were not policed.

China using Apple as bait.  Will tech companies sell America out for money?

China defiant, ‘Will not Surrender’.

China shuts down Christian churches, confiscates Bibles, terrorizes worshipers.

Facebook rejects GOP candidates ad about parents persecution by Communists.

Google consumes 1/3rd of our digital minds.

Senate Dems circulating plans for government takeover of internet.

Dunaway: Abortion was never meant to be government funded

Simon: Infowars and the rise of the tech fascists.

Rahn: ‘Eat Endangered Species’.

Chumley: Alex Jones winning: He’s now more popular than ever

Elizabeth Warren under fire for jab at ‘racist’ justice system

Emery: Democrats in the Trump era: The Coalition of the self-destructive.

Shapiro: What Tech Giants’ Alex Jones Ban Got Wrong

Lowry: Elizabeth Warren’s lie.

Watch: Homosexual Don Lemon goes on 9 minute rant attacking Trump as a racist.

LAPD Union: The ACLU wants cops prosecuted and jailed

Allie Stuckey: Make men masculine again.

Watch: CNN claims to support the First Amendment, they are full of it.

U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy: Big Tech ‘Must Do More Than Take Down’ InfoWars

Delingpole: What the alarmists aren’t telling you about Europe’s heat wave.

Pollak: The attack on Jones is an attack on free speech.

43% of Republicans want to give Trump the power to shut down the media.

670 ballots cast in a Georgia precinct with 276 registered voters.

NC GOP candidate one of few politicians in nation with a spine to teach a wife should submit to her husband, homosexuality is a choice.

Antidepressants change songbirds courtship rituals.

Facebook asked to change rules for journalists, scholars.

List: 700 examples of good news coming from tax cuts.

Centrist, Far-Left Pundits Warn: InfoWars Purge Sets Precedent to Silence Marginalized Communities

Facebook Wants Banks to Hand Over Your Financial Information

LeBron James’ School To Cost Taxpayers Significantly More Than He’s Donating

Instagram blocks Tommy Robinson.

On Iran, Trump’s hard-headedness is smart

Hammond: Rubio’s paid-leave plan.

‘Survival of our democracy’ depends on banning sites like InfoWars, Dem senator says

Chuck Grassley rejects Democrats’ ‘fishing expedition’ on Brett Kavanaugh

Trump looking to limit citizenship for legal immigrants who use public welfare programs: Report

Chumley: Making sense of Ana Navarro and other fake conservatives

Pruden: Creative Writing about Donald Trump’s troubles.

Bolyard: Is Gov. Kasich Trying to Torpedo Ohio Congressional Candidate on the Eve of a Critical Special Election?

Treacher: Trump insults anyone who angers him, regardless of race.

Tomckzak: Losing Christian youth in college?  Never again.

4-H executive who pushed LGBT agenda booted.

Black Lives Matter protesters crash police officer’s wedding: ‘You’re a murderer!’

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