Sunday, August 12th 2018

Federer: From Sea to Shining Sea, all state Constitutions acknowledge God.

Bolyard: Why does it cost so much to educate a child in America?

Tradup: Fight Collusion, pass up a newspaper on August 16th.

MacKinnon: The Washington Post crosses a very dangerous line.

Hoyt: The NEA is a racist and an evil organization.

McCullough: Yes, opposing Voter ID is UnAmerican.

Schaper: Clash in Charlottesville: A clash of left vs. left?

Chumley: Hate speech is sneaky leftist censorship, not law.

Chumley: Lying on Laura Ingraham.

Chumley: Title VII solution for social media censorship.

Fund: Nancy Pelosi is damaging Democrats take over chances.

Hunter: It’s been a bad week for liberals.

McCarthy: Of course, there is such a thing as a perjury trap.

Walsh: The Mystery of Omarosa Manigault.

Bawer: Death by entitlement.

Knight: Liberal claims to the moral high ground.

Video: Antifa, Secret Service agents clash near White House.

Nunes: Clinton campaign colluded with nearly every official in FBI, and DOJ.

Watch: Antifa chants death to America: ‘No borders, no wall, no USA at all’.

Abuse allegation made against Keith Ellison who denies it.

Great Snakes!  Karen Monahan responds to Ellison’s denial of abuse.

Weekend: Charlottesville Chaos.

Fake news organizing to conspire against President.

Feldman: Exposed: The Deep State’s Authorship and Publication of Dossier.

TSA agent Molests man at airport.

The Mechanics of Deception.

Bertolone: Beat the Press every Sunday.

Lifson: Media covering (up) Dianne Feinstein’s major spy scandal.

Robertson: Charlottesville has it’s boogeyman and it’s not letting go.

Muslims have ‘obligation of terrorizing the disbelievers’

Trump: Sessions ‘scared stiff and missing in action.’

D’Souza: Who are the White Nationalists?

Zumwalt: Students, ignorant about what is behind them.

Smith: Chicago is a gang bangers paradise.

Lifson: Trump’s media opponents are leaping into his trap.

Lifson: How to tell the difference between a social justice warrior and a racist.

Greenwald: Trump plays hardball with Turkey.

Canto Jr.: The shootings in Brazil just keep on going.

Rail: Keep an eye on China.

Ledeen: How to fix the intelligence community.

Conservative women challenge Ocasio-Cortez to a debate (Since Ben Shapiro is too ‘sexist’ for her liking.)

The alienation behind the madness of Unite the Right.

George Will’s unhinged anti-Trump position.

Watch: Antifa protesters attack NBC News reporter in Charlottesville.

Kaplan: Apoplectic critics can’t answer Dinesh D’Souza’s ideas.

Muslim on rape, ‘yes I did that, why not?’

Trump sanctions intended to change Iranian behavior.

2nd city tries to tell state how to run gun law

Woman protests sharing abuse-shelter room with man who says he’s female

Expert: EU can’t bypass sanctions on U.S.

Resurgence of China, Russia, forcing U.S. to rethink defense strategy 

Virginia Judge who let rapist walk free, let’s admitted pedophile free too.

Clancy: The Day Andrew Cuomo got religion.

Horvat II: The advantage of keeping the economy human.

Curtis: A funny thing happened on the way to the forum.

Harrod: New bill insures America first.

Moran: Democratic Socialist gets 6% in Hawaiian primary.

Conservatives call for Constitutional Convention last seen 230 years ago.

Hakim: Ben Shapiro and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez do not belong in the same ring.

Google-Facebook dominance hurts ad tech firms, speeding consolidation.

Williamson: Celebrity activists do not help

Whelan: This day in Judicial Activism.

Tada: The myth that the Christians destroyed the classical world dies hard.

Latzer: Is the Crime boom over?  Even after Chicago?

Will: If you want peace, prepare for war.

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