Monday, August 13th, 2018


Federer: If Christian civilization were to disappear.

Here is what Peter Strzok’s new Twitter account says about him.

Tomczak: Warning: Your state should not legalize weed!

Massie: Dr. Zuma and the Democrat fantasy land.

Evidence: Trump tower meetings set up by Hillary operatives.

Flaherty: Where do we get such losers?

Jesse Lee Peterson: Trump, the Good Father NFL players never had.

Farah: The end is nigh for Google and Facebook.

Federer: The Secret to killing off invading Martians.

Hawkins: The ten most hateful Americans and why they matter.

Chomsky: Big tech wrong to ban Alex Jones.

Dunaway: How to restore the Rule of Law.

Talent: Getting ready for China.

Prager U: What was the Cold War?

Judge Jeannine to Mueller: Give up your phony investigation.

Klavan: the hate and violence in America comes from the Left.

White House economist says we may have to kick China out of WTO.

No. 2 Dem Leader accused of abusing ex-girlfriend.

Simpson: Who is to blame for California’s raging infernos?

Norris: 3 men who deserve your vote.

Ratner: Secretly taping Trump conversations is out of control.

Revealed: Mueller, Comey bagged millions from cronyism

Watch: Bill de Blasio gives insane analysis of CNN while on CNN.

Omarosa drops bombs

Omarosa says they will retaliate.

Trump: There is no tape, ‘N’ word not in my vocabulary.

Trump says she begged me for a job, with tears in her eyes.

Ziegler: How the NFL lost my trust.

DOJ official Bruce Ohr to testify on his close relationship with Christopher Steele.

Farah: The new #1 national crisis.

Blahous: The fiscal improbability of medicare for all.

Maxine Waters: Impeach Trump for my 80th birthday gift.

Walsh: It is now offensive for actors to act.

Fitton: How were Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Christopher Steele, and Fusion GPS plotting.

Buchanan: America’s lengthening enemies list.

Citing General Patton, Donald Trump signs massive military bill.

Musk: Funding secured meant he thought Saudi government would buy him out.

Saudi Arabia may back Musk’s $420 per share buyout.

Report: Google tracking you even if you tell it to stop.

‘Make Obama president again’ hits TV.

Omarosa: Hope Hicks prepped Trump to lie in interview, but he’s too ‘mentally challenged’.

Polls: Dems prefer socialism to capitalism for the first time.

Battig: Chariots of Death and Indecision.

Dem Rep Swalwell may run for President

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