Saturday, August 11th, 2018

Trump condemns ‘all types of racism’.

Jury rules Roundup caused groundskeepers cancer.

Charlottesville is in a panic over a few Nazi’s who may not show up.

Newspaper calls for war of words against Trump media attacks

Monsanto ordered to pay $290 million in damages.

ChicagoLand: 20 shot in one night.

Solway: The problem with Gay Marriage

Favish: Declassified: Did Rosenstein make false statements in the FISA document?

How did he do it?  Authorities probe how mechanic stole plane.

Flaherty: Trump falls for ‘criminal justice reform hoax

Rogers: Wind and Solar Energy, good for nothing.

Chadwell: Are millennials Educable?

D’Souza: Who are the White Nationalists?

Omarosa ‘n’ word contradiction, Interview contradicts book.

Exclusive–Twitter Target Gavin McInnes on Solution: ‘Trump Has to Step Up’

Woman killed by pitbulls.

Kamala Harris Unable to Name a Legislative Accomplishment When Asked

Crews make progress battling So Cal fires

Teen television consumption drops by half in five years!

Daniel: Big tech is sowing the seeds of it’s destruction

Rapper Ice Cube: Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Should Stand His Ground on Patriotic Support for National Anthem

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