Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

Federer: George Washington: Tough General.

Trump charm offensive a strategic bid to detach Russia from China: Experts

Bruce Dietrick Price: K-12 an Insidious Inside job.

House GOP pins 167 Democrats with Abolish ICE vote.

SF opens non citizen voting in school board elections.

Weir: Making sexual dysfunction appear normal.

Coulter: Putin is killing millions of Americans

Chadwell: Fragmentation and the Family.

Famous church forbids Bible reading on premises.

Limbaugh: Left in panic, acting like ‘recent escapees from  asylums’.

Tech Giants: Russian 2016 election influence miniscule.

Lifson: Do Democrats seriously want to start talking about Russia and collusion?

Great Quotes by Great Leaders.

Why Poland’s anti-Islamic stance makes perfect sense.

Walter Williams: Our rules of the game: U.S. Constitution.

Logis: The ‘Constitutional Crisis’ of rejecting election losses.

Exposed: The ignorance of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Occasional-Cortex embarrasses herself on the Firing Line.

Showalter: For Dems, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a fox who has gotten loose in the Democrat henhouse.

Rand torches Brennan for Trump criticism.

Trump: ‘People at the higher ends of intelligence’ loved my press conference with Putin.

Shapiro: What is Democratic Socialism?

Star Parker: Jim Jordan, Brett Kavanaugh: Journalism by innuendo.

Simon: Putin summit may prove to be Trump’s finest hour.

The Fever Dreams of the Democrats: Strzok’s bizarre testimony, hysteria over Trump’s Helsinki comments.

Geraghty: Obama decries the political habits that drove his career.

Corrupt James Comey urges Americans to vote Democrat this fall: ‘Policy differences don’t matter right now’.

Inept Comey, who belongs in jail for bungling the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation, sez, ‘Vote Democrat, or you’re a traitor’.  Kettle meet pot, pot meet kettle. 

Morabito: What to learn from the social justice warrior who was eaten by his own mob.

6 stupidest points in Chris Cilliza’s outrage listicle over the Trump-Putin press conference.

Chantrill: Of course, Activists are thugs.

Hakim: Smirking Strzok’s weakness, Lisa Page.

McCarthy: What is roiling the water in DC?  Abject Fear!

Democrats, Establishment media push war with Russia.

Delusional Obama sez he loves telling the truth.

Soros: Obama was ‘my greatest disappointment.’.

Barr: Feds double down on gun control failures.

New York Slimes highlights Georgia’s governor’s race as ‘crazy’,  while seriously covering Democrat presidential candidates.

Khan: Property Rights get their day in court.

Not only does banning straws not help the environment much, it hurts disabled people.

Roberts: Everyone has religious beliefs, some people just deny it.

Herring: If not Russia, who is Hillary’s foreign entity?

Sullivan: Fun with Roe V. Wade rhetoric.

Showalter: The banality of Barack Obama.

Hellner: Trump, Obama, and Putin, a litany of hypocrisies.

Moran: Police killing in Chicago draws protests despite video showing armed suspect.

Markus: The vitality of ‘the West’.

David: Jealous Brats.

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