Wednesday, July 10th, 2018

‘Children’ at border, included Murderers, Rapists: Obama HHS.

Federer: The Duel that changed  history.

Farah: Does God ever change his mind?

Limbaugh: Dems blundered by not having Ginsberg retire.

Star Parker: Abortion and the Constitution.

Shapiro: What kind of Supreme Court will we have now?

Watch: Trump, NATO chief have tense exchange at Breakfast.

Pullman: 6 big changes coming to public schools and politics thanks to the Supreme Courts Union smashdown.

Walter Williams: Shooting ourselves in the foot.

The Butterfly Effect.

Jackson: I went from pro-choice to pro-life in 1 Car drive.

Newcombe: 5 reasons Roe V. Wade should be overturned.

Stossel: Why Dad’s are so needed.

Marcus: Business Insider shows disagreement with the transgender movement will not be tolerated.

Bryen: Wrecking NATO.

Shapiro: When Abortion became a Sacrament.

Showalter: New Stimulus analysis shows Obama never understood investment.

La Fetra: Public Sector Unions and gifts of public funds.

Extreme poverty is extremely rare in U.S.: New Research.

Bawer: Their Finest Hour?

DNC boss won’t rule out impeaching Kavanaugh.

John Quincy Adams, 6th President, on Islam.

Farber: A weekend pass, a rainstorm and Communist theatre.

Nursing home workers make video as patient dies.

20 Christians severely hurt in prayer meeting attack.

No, the #walkaway movement isn’t run by Russian bots, but it is a major threat to the Democrat Party.

Daugherty: But Gorsuch and Kavanaugh?

DeSanctis: A fresh faced political outsider tries to turn her blue district red.

French: No, Brett Kavanaugh won’t ‘protect’ Donald Trump.

Tracinski: It’s past time to break up Supreme Court’s Harvard-Yale Duopoly.

McSwain: The paranoid style of Jonathan Chait.

Toplansky: The racism of the alleged affronted.

Scotto: the New Religion of the left, Selectivity.

15 former wrestlers defend Jim Jordan against charges he covered up sexual abuse.

Mike Pence: I don’t apologize for being pro-life.

Rutledge: Religious Conscience must be protected.

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