Sunday, June 10th, 2018

High stakes in Singapore.

North Korea Summit set.

Trump Kim Summit: Security tight.

Federer: The place we built America’s great Naval Heritage. 

Study: Haven’t read a book lately?  Blame Netflix.

Brace for world economies most important week of the year.

Soros: “Everything’s gone wrong!”  

Soros: Living in my own Bubble.

Kelly: White House is a miserable place to work.

Sessions struggles to get planned marijuana crackdown going.  Has no support from Trump or Congress.

Delingpole: Epic renewables fail as solar crashes and wind refuses to blow.

Watch: Trump mocks CNN: “Fake News CNN, the worst.

Black leaders call for old fashioned values to beat failed schools.

The Secret Societies that killed Uncle Sam.

McCullough: 5 Reasons Trump will win 40 states in 2020.

Bolyard: They’re here, they are queer, and now they are coming for Christians, and our jobs.

The Barbary Pirates: Islamic terrorism and America’s first Naval Military Victory.

Hawkins: The more men are bathed in femininity the more “toxic masculinity” you will see.

Trump blasts Canada for false statements.

Kudlow calls Trudeau’s remarks “amateurish”, “a betrayal”.

China, Russia solidify growing Eastern Bloc.

Young reporter in leak investigation enjoyed meteoric rise in D.C. journalism.

In this city, police, camera’s and the internet watch you.

Suicide hotline calls jump 25% after celebrities deaths.

Amazon blasted over China factory conditions.

Auto lenders ramp up risk to win new buyers.

Trump approval better than Reagan and Obama at same point of their presidencies.

The 8 states that will determine which party will control the House of Representatives in 2018.

Erdogan predicts war between Crescent and the Cross over Austrian mosque closures. 

Islam means submission, will you submit or resist?  #FreeTommy rally in London.

In London, march for Anti-Semitism.  March not considered incitement.

Hunter: Krauthammer is dying with dignity while the liberals are living with none.

Bialosky: The real divide in America.

Gutnecht: The Boxer.

Feldman: Secrets travel fast in D.C.

Trinko: The left achieves perfection in D.C.

Philen: Trump Vs. the media.

Dodwell: A protracted trade war? Not necessarily

Kramer: Exposing BDS

Knight: The Revolution will not be finalized.

Straker: Trump called anti-science for rejecting liberal scientists.


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