Monday, June 11th, 2018

De Niro unhinged: Throws F-Bomb at Trump, calls Trump Hitler to kids.

Standing ovation from the Hollyweird leftist loonies.

Thomas: Celibacy and STD’s.

Arvay: Marriage in chaos.

Harvey: The increasing meaninglessness of American life.

Marcus: Bourdain: Casualty of the leftist mindset.

Curtis: Truth, Veritas, and Knowledge of  history

Hall: A pound of flesh at the speed of justice.

Atkisson: Excellent analogy on the crookedness of Dem’s Trump “investigation”.

Willie Brown warns Dems they may be in for a surprise with Cox.

Frustrated Nunes gives FBI, DoJ ultimatum to supply informant docs

World awaits Trump Kim summit.

D’Souza to compare Trump with Lincoln in upcoming film.

Walsh: If we want to prevent suicide, maybe we should stop celebrating suicide.

Wit, wisdom are likely tools of Kim’s toolbox.

Obama secret meetings with 2020 Dem contenders.

Showalter: MeToo: Democratic Party leader Eric Holder is looking for new Weinsteins to defend

Two primaries on Tuesday illustrate why the ‘Blue Wave’ is far from certain

Eagles playing out of their league.

Summits tricky: Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan all learned the hard way.

Ramadan Rage: Jihadists have killed injured 1,365 with one week to go.

Pollak: a tribute to Charles Krauthammer.

Italy blocks ship carrying 600 migrants.

Ken Starr: Trump has ability to fire Mueller.

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