Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

Sobieski: The Democrats IT cover up scandal.

A glimpse inside George Soros’ Open Society Foundations

McGowan and Argento inadvertently explain Bourdain’s suicide.

Dems lament SCOTUS decision keeping voter rolls more honest.

Greenwald: Dem view of identity politics appears cynical.

One third of Americans take meds with depressive side effects.

Primary night: MAGA candidates win big.

Victor Davis Hanson: The bad Iran deal was always going to get worse.

Proof: Leftist haters set rules at Amazon.

Farah: De Niro: Shut up and act!

Star Parker: Why can’t we fix Social Security and Medicare?

Vanished: Government records faced wholesale destruction under Obama.

Proof: Obama sent U.S. Tax dollars to defeat Bibi.

Silence: Deputy AG Rosenstein threatened to investigate GOP lawmakers and staff.  Update: He is conducting an internal investigation. 

Malkin: NYC’s war on academic excellence.

Sheriff Clarke: Memo to Congress: do your job!

Walter Williams; Diversity and Inclusion Harm.

Prof warns Christians are theocratizing Constitution.

The cult of Anthony Bourdain.

N. Korea is winning.

Foodstamp level falls to lowest in 8 years.

Judge gives media mania green light.

 A conservatism of principal.

America’s Europe problem.

Class conflict on campus.

Trump credits Warmbier death as impetus for N. Korea summit.

An unsurprising immigration poll.

Liberals destroying hate, one F-bomb at a time.

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