Saturday, June 9th, 2018

Krauthammer reveals he has weeks to live in heartbreaking letter.

French: It’s not bigotry to believe homosexuality is a sin.

Massive crowds gather to hear Geert Wilders demand Tommy Robinson’s release.

Flaws in Death “Roe”.

Erickson: the new bigotry.

Gavin Newsom: Mr. Me.

McCarthy: Leak investigations, journalists, and double standards.

Exclusive: Marsha Blackburn: yes, social media companies need regulation.

College course: “Objectivity”, “Meritocracy” are among white mythologies.

Federer: Why June 9th should go down in infamy.

Farah: Why are Americans killing themselves in record numbers?

How LGBT activism works: Mountains out of molehills. 

40 Years later: Solzhenitsyn’s Harvard speech blazes a beacon for renewal.

Dad’s funeral: Final notes regarding a Civil Rights Pioneer.

It’s the Trump economy, stupid.

Why President Trump ought not to pardon Muhammad Ali.

The mischaracterization of Alice Johnson’s crimes is wrong, she deserved punishment.

What ancient Sparta can teach us about politics today.

Meet Virginia Hall: One of the unsung heroes of D-Day

Muslim mafia protests exclusion from Trump’s Ramadan dinner. 

Austria expels 60 foreign Imams, closes mosques.

Trump issues warning on trade as he leaves G-7 summit.

In Trump, some see end of world order.

Activist pope warns oil executives that climate change “may destroy civilization”.

Video of TSA agents searching 96 year old woman in wheelchair sparks outrage.

Chinese hackers stole sensitive Navy undersea warfare plans…

American supercomputer is best in the world.

China hosts Russia, Iran, as U.S. relations tense.

Russia is building a giant war cloud. 

Clinton defends Franken: I’m just old fashioned.

Steve King: GOP hell bent on amnesty, listening to what donors want. 

Coulter: Jeff Sessions only one in Trump cabinet doing anything to stop illegal immigration. 

Goldberg: For Bill Clinton’s MeToo moment: He did nothing wrong.

Klayman: expect a toothless IG report.

Schaper: California Primary Reflections (Trump’s Strange Endorsement Makes Sense Now)

The Pentagon’s cloud deal.

Fifty years after Tet.

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