Why Trump’s decision to move the American Embassy to Israel is a good idea.

An unidentified protester holding a Palestinian flag scuffles with Israeli security forces during a joint pro-Palestinian demonstration held by foreign, Israeli and Palestinian demonstrators in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, Saturday, July 9, 2011. Some of the international pro-Palestinian activists questioned at Israel’s airport over the weekend have reached the West Bank and participated in anti-Israel protests Saturday. (AP Photo/Oren Ziv)


Many Americans do not realize the history of the Middle East, Islam, Judaism, or Christianity when they try to judge what is going on with Trump deciding to move the American embassy to Jerusalem.  American schools and the media are indoctrinating Americans rather easily.  The average American watches nine years of hellivision .   Schools are making Americans dumb.  Also, biblical knowledge and historical knowledge are at all time lows.

To begin to understand what is going on, one must understand that Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel since King David, thousands of years ago.  Muhammad came along with Islam in the 600’s, and started the 1,400 year reign of butchery and lust which continues to this day with the world’s 1.8 million Muslims to varying degrees.  Our sixth President, John Quincy Adams, had great insight into Islam.  There have been 33,116 documented Islamic terror attacks since 9/11, less than 17 years ago.    Islam is the biggest death machine in world history.    It spreads in five stages.  Sweden opened it’s doors to Islamic immigration and now is the rape capital of the world.

Once one understands the nature of Islam, one can then determine that the real problem in the Middle East is not Israel at all, it is Islam, and it’s many radical elements.  It will be argued by the insane left that all Muslims are not violent terrorists.  That is very true, but if only 1% are, that is 18 million terrorists, a very frightening thought.  That is a larger number than the militaries of any single nation on earth.  The Quran commands violence, commanding it against those who are not Muslims 109 times.

If one were to take all the weapons away from all the Israeli’s, Israel would be wiped off the face of the earth in a week.  If one disarmed the Palestinians and neighboring Islamic nations, nothing would happen.  Trump made a very good decision to relocate the embassy to Jerusalem, as every other nation in the world puts their embassy in the capital of the nation’s they are in.  Why should we be intimidated by Islamic terrorism?

In closing, our lamestream media, hellivision, hollyweird, many newspapers, and many of our similarly indoctrinated family and friends have been fed disinformation.  Incidents like this are opportunities for us to turn from the lying news sources that have misled so many for so long, and back to those who tell the truth.  Messanonews is one of those places and if you would refer your friends and family, that would be good for all of us who seek and promote the truth.  The Washington Post, New York Times, Vallejo Times Herald, CNN, ABC, NPR, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Contra Costa Times, Sacramento Bee, San Francisco Chronicle, PBS, Hollyweird, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN, and the vast majority of online sources are skewed leftwing.  Not only do they feed you garbage news, but they ignore the opinions of those who  know wisdom and virtue and scorn it.  Those who have conservative views are Conservative Treehouse, National Review, Daily Wire, American Thinker, The Federalist, Breitbart, WND, TownHall, Washington Examiner, Washington Times, PJMedia, Lifezette, and a few others.  So, please turn from the lying sources of news and to the truth.  And let your family and friends know too.



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